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As linked images affect the culture, archetypal ones of women in films potentially further restrain women’s social development.
In line with the 1887…
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Download file to see previous pages She mixes up her business professionalism with life care, in that she endows the main task of caring for the child. This movie lays credence to the socio-economic position of the global period during that 10-year period, characterized by the decreased growth of countries’ low standards of living. Her final decision that overcame the thought of an adoption, as she had grown attached to the child shows how the female figure appreciates life. The viewers remain appreciating the rational decision presented. They remain criticizing her male counterpart who abandoned her at her most crucial time (Harold Ramis), an investment banker. Despite all the challenges and hurdles that Wiatt had grown through including suffering a nervous breakdown, she later resurfaces, and all hopes are high when her Baby Food company sales at millions.
With the improvement in the world economy, women leadership position has even been more solidified as the new economic period ushers occurs. The movie, The Devil wears Prada of 2006; shows career based female power, love, and friendship linkages in complex and sometimes paradoxical perspectives. Women power linkages explained in the movie reveal that females utilize power effectively to ensure they are competitive in business. They also help other women advance in their careers. This is evident when Andrea acts loyal to Miranda when she attempted to warn her against the coup that intended to overthrow Miranda for a younger woman. However, love and friendship linkages deteriorate, as women become successful professionals. In spite of linkage drawbacks, such movies portray optimism and stable women figure images for young females in the workforce (Danya 70).
With the high and improved economic standards, there has been enhancement in life and consequently because of westernization, social evils such as prostitution and production of pornographic materials have sprung up. In the 2004 American teen film, The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Archetypes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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