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Community issue story - Essay Example

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The proposal passed by Community Improvement District for the pilot project on last November, is one of the most ambitious schemes that are aimed at high speed internet access to accelerate…
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Community issue story
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Download file to see previous pages It strongly believed that internet would greatly facilitate local business and increased connectivity would help in planning and execution of programs and projects. Most importantly, Wi-Fi connectivity would introduce new opportunities of innovation in learning, job avenues, government transparency, economic growth etc.
The Wi-Fi public internet has increasingly become a major facilitating agent for higher productivity for businesses and citizens alike. The convergence of information technology and communication has emerged as vital ingredient of new age hyper-connectivity that significantly promotes sustainable growth. While many local businesses, especially restaurants and coffee shops offer free internet services to increase their clientele, CID’s new venture is already expected to generate around $400,000 from tax. It is expected that $30,000 would be spent on Wi-Fi and same amount would be used as operational expenses for the pilot testing (Barker, 2012). The benefits of Wi-Fi in downtown areas would increase not only CID’s credibility and impact its economic goals but it would also considerably decrease the digital divide across people coming from different demographic segments.
Wi-Fi connectivity on a pilot test basis would help contribute to the viability of the project and expose it huge relevance to businesses, public welfare, government departments and impact on their performance, students and academia in general. The huge benefits of internet connectivity through Wi-Fi promote greater awareness about the myriad businesses and services within specified areas. In the Columbia downtown, free Wi-Fi would hugely aid local entrepreneurs and businesses to attract new customers. At the same time, CID and local government can promote new welfare schemes, programs and policies and seek public feedback for improvements. The free access would also allow students to access necessary information and expand academic knowledge.
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Community Issue Story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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