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Difference and similarities between sanshiro and social contract/communist manifesto - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Sanshiro written by Natsume Soseki is a story about a young man named Sanshiro. The book describes the transition of Japan and of the character of…
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Difference and similarities between sanshiro and social contract/communist manifesto
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"Difference and similarities between sanshiro and social contract/communist manifesto"

Download file to see previous pages This book was responsible for formulating political revolutions in the continent of Europe and especially in France. This book also describes historical events such as the empowerment of monarchs in legislature. Rousseau in his piece states that only the people are sovereign and have the right to employ leaders.
The third book is The Communist Manifesto is an 1848 book written by economic and political theorists and social scientists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Since its publication the book has been regarded as the worlds most powerful political documents. The book deals with an important historical event which is the class struggle. It also talk about capitalism and its associated issues. These three books might be about different topics but they address very important historical events such as communism, capitalism, class difference and transition of states.
The best similarities between these three books are the mention of history, the struggle of the people and the transition of states. Sanshiro as mentioned before is about the historical transition of the metropolitan city of Tokyo. The author in the book describes the negative and positive aspects of the countryside from where Sanshiro came and he also talks about the city of Tokyo. Sanshiro like the other two books describes the struggle of man. The Social Contract also talks about struggle of people and their fight for freedom. The Social Contract like Sashiro talks about sovereignty. Sanshiro talked about the sovereignty of the protagonist Sanshiro whereas in The Social Contract the writer talks about the sovereignty of the people and their rights. Sanshiro is about an opportunistic Sanshiro and his transition is similar to the tussles of people in both books. Similarly in all three books the protagonists who are the people have benefited somehow or the other after their respective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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