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Persuasive speech; Motivated sequence - Essay Example

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Food crisis worsens in West Africa, Southern Africa food shortages worsen, millions of people are at risk of drought in East Africa, Africa drought sparks food shortages these are the headlines we wake up to every morning across all major news networks. From the CNN to the BBC…
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Persuasive speech; Motivated sequence
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Extract of sample "Persuasive speech; Motivated sequence"

Hunger amidst plenty Lecturer: Food crisis worsens in West Africa, Southern Africa food shortages worsen, millions of people are at risk of drought in East Africa, Africa drought sparks food shortages these are the headlines we wake up to every morning across all major news networks. From the CNN to the BBC we read them on New York Times, the Washington post, the Herald. These headlines are often accompanied by pictures of malnourished children and women begging for food and water.
The problem of food shortage cuts across sub Sahara Africa affecting states in West, East, Central and Southern Africa (Associated press, 33). With countries like Angola, Burundi, Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and many others always experiencing perennial food shortages caused by different factors. Some of these factors include prolonged conflict, drought, poor governance and over dependence on cash crops.
According to Catherine Bragg the United Nations deputy humanitarian chief, in Zimbabwe alone 1.6 million people require food aid. Across other eight African countries 5.5 million people are in need of food aid. She notes that this figures show an increase of 40% percent in terms of food shortage compared to the previous year 2011. This is a sign that the problem of food shortage is getting worse despite the increased campaign and aid to Africa. On Global Hunger Index sub Saharan Africa continue to face the highest level of hunger, Burundi leading among these countries with an index of 79 with Eritrea and Haiti following closely.
Many farmers across Africa are forced to sell their possession and livestock to buy food. As already assumed this can only be a temporary measure (Otieno, 56). There is danger of severe hunger or starvation endangering, the elderly, children, pregnant and nursing mothers. This in return demands for a quick but lasting solution.
The best solution is the promotion of a “Green economy” across Africa and other areas experiencing perennial food shortages. This will help in planning for the future and managing the present risks of food shortages (Collins, 30). It involves investing in small scale food producers, protecting the rights of their lands, natural resources and finally giving them support to cope with changing climate and other shocks that they may encounter.
Green economy provides the solution needed to tackle food shortage by encompassing income generation, sustainable value chains and food security working on the ecosystem to support agriculture (John, 23). The food production practice of green economy is a program that will support food production as well as consumption practices without disrupting the ecosystem. This is important because growing of bio-fuel and commercial crops have led to degradation of the natural resources which in return affects ecosystem leading to starvation and these becomes a cycle.
Yes some may say Africa is many miles away across the Atlantic. But today living in a global world everyone is connected. Instability in Africa may lead to increase in oil prices, worst still can be the breeding ground for religious extremism due of lack proper governance structures.
We all bear the responsibility to make this world a safer place; we have the responsibility to lessen the suffering of other human beings, of children, the elderly and pregnant women who today may succumb due to many days of starvation. You do not have to cross the Atlantic to make a contribution. Your support is close to you as a simple click. Click on the Oxfam website and make your contribution to support the Green economy initiative to help amend the broken food system.
Oxfam says that in a world where there is enough to eat there is no good reason for anyone to go hungry.
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