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For communication major - Personal Statement Example

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There is something about our symbiotic relationship that has always fascinated me and left me wondering about what exactly makes communication work. Take for example when I was a…
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Personal statement for communication major
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Download file to see previous pages Yet my parents could understand what I was trying to say in my child-speak way.
Then as I grew older, I began to notice the way that people are always interconnected and talking to each other. Communication has become a vital tool in the existence of mankind. In fact, it seems that without the interconnectivity that technology and communication allows us to have, our evolution as a people would come to a standstill. One would be hard pressed to imagine a word without communication. Even the deaf, mute, and the blind have their own methods by which they communicate with each other and those around.
It is this fascination and simple understanding of how communication works for us as a society that led to my continuously increasing interest in the field of communication. Communication is the most important tool that we have as a people in terms of creating a bond and fostering understanding of people across the borders of countries. It is what unites us as the people of this planet.
Due to the existence of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, and the like, communication has come to the forefront of the consciousness of the people. This instant method of connecting with each other has served to bring communication to higher levels of use and existence. These days, one will be hard pressed to find somebody who does not have an international base of friends due to the network that these communication channels allow us to create based upon shared interests and other criteria.
The world has become a better place because of evolution of our communication skills and gadgets. People easily connect and find common ground with each other these days because the internet has allowed people who communicate in various languages. In fact, I have often said that communication, just like any other spoken language on this planet, is a living, breathing, and evolving thing. Communication has in effect, taken on a life of its own and we owe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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