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It has led to us conjuring stereotypes of every kind of woman, not leaving anyone. Pozner has described all those tropes of women very clearly and how we base our…
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CMM-Media and Society - Discuss Pozner
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Reality Bites Back Chapter 3 of Pozner’s book relates on the various ways that television hastwisted our minds regarding women. It has led to us conjuring stereotypes of every kind of woman, not leaving anyone. Pozner has described all those tropes of women very clearly and how we base our judgment solely through what we have seen on television, rather than after we actually meet that kind of a woman.
One such is that women cannot be trusted. This stereotype has resulted from women being classified as enemies of each other and always up for competition with one another. Since women are called the jealous gender, they are also given the title of being untrustworthy. And all this is simply a result of television shows making up our minds for us. We regularly watch such shows where women are shown trying to steal other women’s boyfriends and husbands; where they are competing with their own gender and planning against them; where they are trying to harm other women and getting a weird kind of satisfaction through it.
And the reason behind television portraying such a view of women is that these kinds of shows are more popular among those who have nothing better to do than pass time. Besides, it serves as comedy and entertainment shows for the less intellectuals. Again, it is mainly about ratings and where there is a catfight there will be bound to be an audience for it. Such has become the mentality of our people and the television takes full advantage of that.
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Pozner, Jennifer L. Reality Bites Back. Pgw, 2010. Read More
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CMM-Media and Society - Discuss Pozner Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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