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The paper "Preparing the Populace" highlights that putting up more mock rescue demonstrations in public institutions like colleges is effective.  After this, they will inform the students or rather the audience involved about the group and they will know about it…
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Preparing the Populace
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Explain whether or not you believe this is a good method for preparing the public for natural and man-made disasters
This is an efficient way of preparing the public for disasters. I support FEMA mainly because of their former major success in effectively training the public who get prepared for disasters effectively (Jenkins and United States, 2010).
Identify two strengths and two weaknesses of using a webpage such as this to communicate with the public.
The advantage of the web page is the fact that it contains all information on the site; hence the public can get all the information they need once they log into the site.
Another advantage is that in the site, the public can ask any question they need and get instant answers without necessarily going to the physical offices for information
The main disadvantage is the fact that not all members of the public have access to the web page; hence they do not get to know about the site. Another disadvantage is there exist many other related web pages of other organization which tend to be more luring to the attention of the public; hence the public do not get to know about FEMA (Jenkins and United States, 2010)
Provide a recommendation of what might be a more effective form of communication with the public. Support your opinions with appropriate resources.
Use of information booklets to pass information to the public is effective. This can be done by various agents of FEMA distributing the booklets to the public so that they can be informed about it (Burns, 2006). Read More
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Preparing the Populace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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