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Social Sciences - Making Social Lives - Essay Example

This road however has major contrast from the Monrovia Street located in the outskirts of one major town. The street is used majorly by the town dwellers and serves as intersect to the bigger town. The population of the dwellers is dense, and there are cases of congestion in the region. Several business ventures have been operated, and it is characterized by much movement during the day. Several notable differences from the City Road can be drawn based on the activities being carried out, and when they are performed, transport facilities available, infrastructural adjustments and the population content (Bromley, 2009, p.48). Time and space differentials provide a broad network of analysis of a region which is used for evaluation of development procedures. The notable differences arising within Monrovia Street relate to: Activities- the populace is active and mainly busy during the day, as opposed to night. Business ventures usually close on time to avoid the many cases of theft in the region. The region is underdeveloped meaning that the labourers form the biggest part of the workforce and few offices are available as opposed to those around the city. The activities along the street vary at different times of the day. During the morning hour people engage in jogging, preparing breakfast along the street, travel to job areas, sale of goods to passers-by and even collecting information and control of traffic. At midday the streets are congested by users and people seeking various venture

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Disciplines such as geometry and psychology were intermixed and practiced by the same communities (Anissimov) Social science is the “branch of science that studies society and the relationships of individual within a society” (Social science).
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5. Conclusion I. THE ENLIGHTENMENT and PROGRESS The Enlightenment according to Kant is man’s leaving his incapacity to utilize his own intelligence without the help of another person. He challenges the people of his time by these words ‘Dare to know’.
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The first and foremost role of positivism is objectivity. In spite of numerous interpretations of positivism, it is very important to realize a crucial component of this philosophical methodology. August Comte, a developer, a founder and a father of Positivism claimed that “positive” knowledge means “scientific” knowledge (Comte, 2003). 
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Many factors such as institutions, groups and one's culture shape and influence the identity of a person. Institutions such as families, courts, schools, government agencies, places of worship, among other institutions play a very important role in our lives.
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For instance, where engendered society is concerned, the obvious is visible in terms of data (e.g. more men are employed in the sciences), but why it happens is something that only qualitative research can answer. We will discuss the importance of qualitative research in personal lives with reference to interviews conducted in the field of social policy.
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Equally a patient or client may withdraw or refuse consent in the same way. Verbal consent or consent by implication will be enough evidence in most cases. Written consent should be obtained if the treatment or care is risky, lengthy or complex. A client was chosen and allowed us to study her health condition applying the social sciences.
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and personal gains. The night activities are few with the closure of enterprises and movement to homes (Milton, 2009, p.103). Contrary to these, activities along the City Road differ largely at night where other people move along the streets to offer goods at lower prices and even illegal transactions such as prostitution. In the city road, the activities at night to some individual may run concurrently due to proper lighting and the large supermarkets may still operate since there is enhanced security. Along the city road, travellers may also seek rest and recreational facilities which are not available along Monrovia Street. Population- the people found within the said street are many and the population is composed of both the old and the young. There is evident congestion in the area since the rural urban migration has led to settlements in the area due to cheap housing. The population growth rate in the street has risen gradually to create a mixed populate, encompassing various races and tribes (Clarke and Bromley, 2009, p.74). Historically, the street was dominated by the middlemen and blacks, but it now includes the whites and the Asian people. Transport facilities- based on time, Monrovia Street has had a revolution in the transport and communication sector. Traditional modes of transport like the use of horses have changed to the modern way encompassing the use of automobile. Communication has changed from messengers and letters to use of information technology that provides a fast and efficient mode. The road structures have evolved from the use of poor roads with potholes to tarmacked roads that have increased the comfort of road users. Currently there are regulations and the police force to ensure that traffic laws are observed and that road user adhere to laws set which is contrary to the earlier period where laws were not set or adhered to because road users were few (Bromley, 2009, p.117). The


Topic: Social Sciences - Making Social Lives Institution Affiliation: Date: Change is perceived to be as good as the rest. The social concept of people and their lives has evolved with time differently and across different cultures and regions…
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Social Sciences - Making Social Lives
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