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Sociology and Psychology for Social Workers - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the value of sociology and psychology for social workers. Knowledge of social sciences, especially the aforementioned theories is vital to social work, which entails counseling or psychotherapy…
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Sociology and Psychology for Social Workers
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the modern environment offers a unique opportunity to transform the basis of social work towards knowledge-based and evidence-based policies and practices. In order to attain this goal, it is crucial that social workers develop essential knowledge infrastructure to enable the production of valuable practices in social work. According to the International Federation of Social Workers, the profession of social work is aimed at promoting social change, resolving problems inherent in human relationships and liberating and empowering people in order to enhance their overall well-being. In order for social workers to attain this hefty objective, they need to base their practices on knowledge of social sciences, including psychology and sociology. Making use of theories of human behavior, as well as social systems, which are intrinsic to social sciences, social work effectively intervenes at different points where people interact with others and their environments. Theories refer to connected sets of propositions and concepts that are organized into deductive systems that help to define relationships regarding various aspects of the world.  Social workers must be knowledgeable of theories of social sciences such as behaviorism and social learning theory, systems theory, psychodynamic theory, psychosocial developmental theory, social exchange theory and transpersonal theory. ...
e, however, knowledge of the diverse theories facilitates the analysis of social welfare policy and formulation of relevant policies applicable to the community. Professional social workers work in a myriad of settings, including schools, public social service agencies, hospices, hospitals and community health agencies (Sheppard, Newstead, DiCaccavo & Ryan 2000, p. 473). Therefore, a wide array of knowledge regarding influencers of human behaviours, as well as cognitive and behavioural coping mechanisms is important since such knowledge enables social workers identify and deal with human-related issues that emerge in different settings. Social workers also work as mental health practitioners and psychotherapists, often working cooperatively with psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical professionals trained in social sciences. Therefore, a rich knowledge base of social science knowledge facilitates effective coordination between these professionals and social workers (Duncan 2005, p. 26). Collaboration between social workers and other social science professionals is important for the maintenance of social justice and human rights. Additionally, knowledge of social sciences is vital to social workers who have opted to guide the focus of their professional efforts on social policy, as well as academic research. Although the emphasis of social work has varied among diverse task areas, most areas still require the application of social science knowledge. Social workers have an enduring interest in terms of linking knowledge of practice. The tasks of practice and knowledge applied to accomplish diverse tasks are prominent defining features for the social work profession. A robust knowledge base of social sciences is the basis by which social work professionals are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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