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Is Assuming the Role of Citizen Journalist Worth the Risk - Essay Example

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The paper "Is Assuming the Role of Citizen Journalist Worth the Risk" presents that citizen journalism can range from short videos to daily blogs that narrate information to the public and usually contain a personal opinion of the reporter at the end…
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Is Assuming the Role of Citizen Journalist Worth the Risk
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Download file to see previous pages This facility of communicating information on various events has been made possible for the people, by the Internet. Before the invention of the internet, professional reporters used to be the only ones reporting information on current events. But the Internet and other forms of media, has allowed regular citizens to do the same. (Tony Rogers). Citizen journalism, as far as blogging and writing different articles is concerned, does not seem to hurt anyone and only portrays the freedom of speech that has been granted to the people. But making videos of incidents such as a fire or a car crash can be pretty dangerous. Some people involved in such accidents seem more concerned with recording the event in any way than to get to safety or helping other to reach a safe point. For example, such an event took place when there was some problem with an airplane and an emergency landing had to be done. A passenger on the airplane named Eddie Ho was caught taking pictures and making a video of the emergency evacuation being done by the airport authorities. His actions did not please the authorities at all, and he was reprimanded by the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, that his job was to get out of the plane safely and help others in evacuating as quickly as possible. During such events, amateur reporting or making videos is not praised but criticized. At the same time, when the investigators acknowledged the pictures taken by Eddie, saying that they could be valuable during the inquiry, they also stated that even pausing for a minute during such situations can be detrimental for the person himself and the other people. They recommend that the wisest thing to do is for the people to get to safety and not worry about taking pictures or videos, which might or might not be helpful.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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