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It has got very high influence on what people do in their day to day lives (Berman 336). Kenya is a country endorsed by diverse population that includes the Bantus who form the highest population and a significant number of…
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Intercultural Interview
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Intercultural Interview Ethni is what ties us to our races and cultures. It has got very high influence on what people do in their day to day lives (Berman 336). Kenya is a country endorsed by diverse population that includes the Bantus who form the highest population and a significant number of nilotes also present. The lowest population is formed by the Cushitic community. All these communities have beliefs and customs, although most of them are being overtaken by time (Yieke 9). Depending on individual backgrounds people will always react differently to each situation. Edwin Omondi is a middle age Kenyan man. He is from the Luo community of Kenya.
In Luo community respect is a prime factor and is given high regards. Greetings always vary depending on the time of the day and it is in line that the younger ones should be the first to pose greetings to any elderly member. For example “Amosi” is a general greeting, while “Oyaore” is only for the morning. Among this community a child is never expected to defy instructions from any community member since it is believed that all children belong to the community (Sobania 68).
All married women are expected to subject to their respective husbands and any defile of this is punishable under the council of elders known as “Buch Piny.” The young boys spend the nights in their small built huts called “Simba,” while the girls sleep with their parents in the main house. Any widow is to be inherited by a man from the community since there is no house without a male as they are the decision makers. Deaths are honored by rituals due to high respect for the dead (Shino 213-228).
The women play a key role in ensuring that the family is well taken care of and that all the households are in order. On the other hand the man is in charge of providing for the needs of all family members. He is also a superior and has unchallenged powers. This likewise applies to social gatherings. The man gets the chance to make all decisions. Gatherings can be of different forms and this becomes a determinant of cites where they are held. In such places the talks are regulated and one is never allowed to mention some words in public. Some actions are also forbidden from public. These are known as “Kwero.”
Omondi has been staying here for the past two years. It has been a big challenge for him because everything said and done appears contrary to what he knows and beliefs. He has fallen off with people severally and even forced to exempt himself from some situations. He faces a big challenge and does not hope to seek nationality in this country.
In conclusion, origin and background is a major determinant on the way one runs their lives and therefore differences in ethnicity can sometimes be big problems among people living together. As mentioned above it has got high influence on what one does and says.
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