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Both of us were bound into friendship because of sharing the same subjects of interest.
Hideki’s response is in accordance with his cultural…
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Assignment from the book understanding human communication
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[Supervisor Journalism, mass media and communication Chapter 6 Assignment The teacher to the letter ‘’s ‘’ on the board each time she pronounced the first graders. Complementing
2. The umpire shouted ‘’ safe ‘’ but made the sign for ‘’ out ‘’. Contradicting
3. The parent looked at the child with a look clearly told her the topic of ‘’ chicken guts ‘’ was off limits at the dinner table. Regulating
4. Each time the politician said the word ‘’ taxes ‘’ he pounded on the table. Accenting.
5. Without saying a word, he just slipped his arm around her shoulders as if to tell the others that were couple. Substituting
6. First the instructor explained the karate from, and then she demonstrated it. Repeating
7. The father did not want his children to be frightened in the storm, so he masked fear and wore a smile and confident look. Deceiving
Chapter 7 Assignment
Answer 1
I consider our relationship to be more personal than impersonal and it contains the intimacy resulting due to intellectual sharing. Both of us were bound into friendship because of sharing the same subjects of interest.
Answer 2
Hideki’s response is in accordance with his cultural upbringing. Japanese differentially communicate with their family and close friends. His reserved nature was a representation of his culture. The way he concealed that he didn’t like the name of the business chosen by me was an innate reflection of his cultural values. However, my culture doesn’t discriminate between formal and personal relationships. These differences created concerns for me as I undermined his cultural values and expected him to act as per my cultural values.
Answer 3
I think our relationship has acquired the stage of differentiating. As both of us shared close friendship therefore, we both want to keep a pace now. Although, Hideki didn’t show such emotions but his culture bound nature has created distances amongst us. Now that both of us have gained the commonalty, we need to reemphasize on our individual identities. Differentiation had to occur as Hideki’s behavior started disturbing me and I tended to avoid him despite of his kind nature.
Answer 4
Hideki, bound by his culture, was too reserved to let me know about him, and that made me feel frustrated. The dialectic tensions operating in our relationship are of two types. Both of us do not want to forfeit our individualities. My own behavior shows a conflicting wish for staying connected as well as being independent. The other dialect tension encircling our relation is “openness vs. privacy”. As disclosure is one of the essentials of interpersonal relationships, but keeping a space between ourselves and others is also necessary. This leads to the creation of openness vs. privacy dilemma.
Strategies for Managing Dialectical Tensions
In order to manage our dialectical tensions, the following strategies can be used.
Disorientation can be chosen to evade my distress on Hideki’s behavior and enjoy his partnership.
Alteration can be used to manage our individuality while staying in a healthy relationship.
Segmentation tactic can be applied to maintain a level of privacy along with maintaining friendship.
Answer 5
Hideki belong to Japanese culture which is quite different from mine. Therefore, he may limit himself in disclosing as in his case self disclosure could be influenced by culture and it may occur incrementally. However, the guidelines suggest that as I am engaging myself in business partnership with Hideki, his disclosure to a reasonable degree is important to me at the situation at hand. The clear and understandable disclosure by both the parties is constructive in the long run. Hinting could be used as an alternative to self disclosure in this situation (Adler, Rodman & Cropley, 2011).
Chapter 8 Assignment
Answer 1
Tempestuous, Scorching, arid, misty and story weather related adjectives could be used to describe communication climate in my relationship with Hideki. As described by Gibb, the communication that is supportive in nature such as Descriptive communication, problem orientation, spontaneity, empathy, equality and provisional’s might improve the communication climate.
Answer 2
Hideki’s style of handling concern is non-assertive in nature. This can affect business partnership with him. To handle Hideki, I would prefer using passive aggression and assertion style so that concerns could be solved in best possible manner.
Answer 3
 To handle concerns with Hideki, it is important for me to express and communicate my thoughts, ideas and feeling in a way that satisfies him as well. Through this manner, we both will agree to a win-win solution which will satisfy both parties.
Works Cited
Adler, Ronald., Rodman, George. & Cropley, Carrie. Understanding Human communication. Oxford University Press, 2011. Print Read More
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