Social media has shown to be more about sociology and psychology than technology - Personal Statement Example

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This is despite the fact that technology acts as the tool that enhances the success of social media. Sociology entails the study of society and how relationships…
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Social media has shown to be more about sociology and psychology than technology
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Social Media Has Shown to Be More About Sociology and Psychology than Technology To a large extent, social media can be said to be dominated more by sociology and psychology than technology. This is despite the fact that technology acts as the tool that enhances the success of social media. Sociology entails the study of society and how relationships influence human beings. As such, the sociological aspect of social media plays an essential role as compared to that of the technological aspect. The popularity of social media has resulted from the psychological and sociological aspects of behavior and interaction, which accompany social media. In social media, human beings tend to influence one another; this largely constitutes aspects of sociology and psychology. For instance, Twitter and Facebook are examples of social media, which employ sociological and psychological aspects. People engage in chats and following each other on twitter since everyone wants at par with others. This influence one each other’s behavior can be regarded as more sociological and psychological than technological (Al-Deen and Hendricks 30-50).
Interactions have made use of social media a viable option as compared to the use of technology itself. The relationships that people get in through social media influence their behavior patterns than the technology they rely on to get in such relationships. Both sociology and psychology play an essential role in social media than technology. They provide the means through which technology will be conveyed across all divides. Although technology can undergo changes to take various forms, the psychological and sociological aspects constitute social media. Many aspects of social media are more sociological and psychological than technological; this is because social media entails the harnessing of technology through social interactions between people. Thus, it can be concluded the use of sociological and psychological aspects of interactions and behavior outweighs the technological aspects of social media (Al-Deen and Hendricks 30-50).
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