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Firstly, I would wish to establish if all people living in the town are related. I will also seek to establish if people living in the town showed symptoms of the…
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Together We Stand Letter Outline
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Together We Stand Letter Outline The advancing effects of an unknown disease were the main motivation behind my research on the cause of the illness.Firstly, I would wish to establish if all people living in the town are related. I will also seek to establish if people living in the town showed symptoms of the disease before the factory was built. To promote analytical reasoning, I will also require establishing the relationship between proper planning of a town and the health of its residents.
To conclude that poor disposal of industrial waste is the root cause of the problem I will need to conduct a survey. The survey will involve establishing the relationship between exposure to the industrial waste and severity of the new disease. The study will involve finding health details of people living next to the factory’s dumpsites. A direct correlation between severity of the disease and nearness to the dumpsite will indicate that the factory is the main cause of the problem (Tilden, 2010). A negative correlation index will nullify the hypothesis that relates the disease to factory waste.
The study assumed that people living next to the dumpsite have had minimal movements. The survey also assumed that the factory dumps its waste constantly throughout the year. In the study, I also assumed that the industry’s waste have minimal cumulative effect on the health of a victim. Finally, the analysis also considered the age of a person to be independent from the effects of the chemicals (Bond, 1993).
During my investigation, I established that people associated the new illness with the evil spirits. Others believed that immigrants who were settling in their town from foreign countries propagated the disease.
Tilden, J. (2010). Diseases due to chemical poisoning and sunstroke. New Jersey: Kessinger Publishing,
Bond, H, (1993). Social psychology across cultures: Analysis and perspectives. Personnel Psychology 58: 33-66. Read More
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Together We Stand Letter Outline Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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