Fears Grow That Oscars' TV Allure May Be Resistible - Essay Example

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The society we live in occasionally acknowledges exemplary works from artists whose intention is to keep the remaining human population entertained. It is the noble ideas that objectively aim to show appreciation for genuine artistry that…
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Fears Grow That Oscars TV Allure May Be Resistible
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Oscar’s Allure Becoming Resistible Introduction Artistic creativity should be applauded. The society we live in occasionally acknowledges exemplary works from artists whose intention is to keep the remaining human population entertained. It is the noble ideas that objectively aim to show appreciation for genuine artistry that gave birth to the ideas of the Oscars, Grammies, and the Academy awards. Oscars aim to applaud movies whose production and quality entertainment are laudable. Oscars, in particular, have been enjoyed unparalleled viewership. The event has, over the years, attracted a large number of viewers. However, in the recent past some proponents have fronted that the popularity of the award’s ceremony has been dwindling. This argument is evident from reports, which insinuate so. For instance, in the article by Brookes Barnes and Michael Cieply, the overall assessment is that the writers are supposedly confirming the fears that the popularity of Oscars is waning away. In the proceeding part of the paper, a critical evaluation of the report provided by the two in the New York Times is given. The first analysis is on the allusion from evidence in the recent past that Oscars’ popularity is waning. The second part focuses on the imminent biases in the report by Barnes and Cieply which compromise the objectivity of the argument they front.
Evidence from recent reports allude that Oscars’ popularity is waning. Barnes and Cieply (2012), in Fears Grows That Oscars’ TV Allure May Be Resistible, give written article which summarily gives the reader an overview of what has been happening. From the start, the Barnes and Cieply (2012) give like brief background on the issue. Oscars is presented from the perspective of recent reports. For instance, Nielsen ratings are quoted as having a forecast into the reducing interests in the ceremony. In so doing, the two authors provide a backing for the argument fronted. The logical expectation in every argument is that they have to be supported by empirical evidence. Giving evidence from credible sources to back up arguments confers on the arguments credibility to be accepted as empirically valid. In view of this, the article exhibits the essence of evidence in supporting empirical arguments.
The report by Barnes and Cieply has obvious biases which arguably compromise its objectivity. It is also notable to highlight the biases that are imminent in the report. In as much a the tow authors have been fairly managed to front their argument without obvious biases, the argument in insisting that the popularity of Oscars is dwindling based on surveyed TV viewership is biased. This is based on the fact that technological advancements have seen to it that other avenues have come up through which viewers can follow up on the same. Therefore, if the surveys did not put into considerations viewership from podcasts, for instance, then there report is bound to be biased. In addition, the 2012 Oscars coincided with the playoffs for a super bowl game. The popularity of super bowl in the country is obvious. Therefore, the reduction in viewership was not unexpected. The writers, however, do not really put the emphasis on that aspect.
There are other award ceremonies which over the years have continued to gain significance as alternative platforms for appreciating movies and film productions. The reduction in Oscars’ viewership could be attributed to these. However, as insinuated by Barnes and Cieply, these ceremonies bear less significance on the probable population of viewers that the Oscars would attract. The anticipation, however, is that with an increase in their popularity, the number of viewers for Oscars is bound to be affected negatively.
Generally, the article is a well thought out piece which gives introspection into the reducing significance of the Oscars. The mode of discourse of the information is also appropriate. In addition, the article passes for a well researched piece. Just like any form of literary discourse, there are imminent biases in the article which should not be overlooked. In retrospect, however, the article effectively illuminates on the probable reasons why Oscars’ popularity is dwindling over the years.
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