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This paper will assess Newtown’s green technology firm (Hybrid Homes) plans for marketing its zero-rated carbon buildings across the United States after a series of success in the UK market. Hybrid Homes Company, which attracts attention for its supposedly outstanding modern…
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Handout Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the paper will also suggest a range of ideas for illustrating the story about Hybrid Homes in different social media. It is important to note that any illustration should be captivating so that it attracts attention of the target group (Baran and Davis, 2011, p. 334), and appealing in order to leave a lasting effect on the viewer. Baran and Davis go on to explain that it is not by effective planning of every aspect of journalism inquiry that one can guarantee chances of success in what one set out to find out (p. 224). These scholars give other insights of some of the tactical ways in which to play the investigatory role of journalism in such a way that your guest may not immediately be aware that the questions are also investigatory.
Your company has also been able to complete projects in the United Kingdom, working on projects such as building schools, housing and light industrial buildings. What do you think made Hybrid Homes win these bids?
Have you ever had the desire to contribute towards reduction in global carbon emissions? Have ever you wished to have your operations run using clean and affordable energy? Hybrid Homes may just be just the solution. The company whose branch has been in operation in Newtown for the last six years deals in zero rated carbon buildings for construction. It has a long history of success that stretches far and wide. In a millennium where we are faced with dangers of global warming, Hybrid Homes has made tangible attempts to work on a comprehensive environmental friendly production.
The company produces modern building materials ranging from prefabricated panels specifically designed for local environment of each region. The genius behind the huge success is architect James Brickhouse in conjunction with company managing director Craig Dunmore and development manager ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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