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This article analyses satirical news such as the “The Daily Show”, “The Colbert Report” or “The Onion” may not be one’s traditional news but it certainly evokes a deeper meaning beyond what is hilarious and unbelievable. Satirical news is a welcome relief from all the reports…
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Analysis of Satirical News
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Analysis of Satirical News
Today’s news is often packed with news of wars, disasters, political bickering, terrorism, crimes and economic and financial problems such as inflation and unemployment. These are the daily brouhaha that one sees on television and in newspapers. People want to get a temporary respite from these sad and depressing news. And this is where satirical news comes in. Satirical news is a welcome relief from all the reports that only brings one to low spirits and hopelessness.
Satirical news such as the “The Daily Show”, “The Colbert Report” or “The Onion” may not be one’s traditional news but it certainly evokes a deeper meaning beyond what is hilarious and unbelievable. Take as an example an article in “The Onion”, the “New Photos Reveal Stress Of Obama's First Term In Office Has Rapidly Aged Americans”[New12]. It shows pictures of Americans before and after the Obama presidency. The pictures, obviously Photo shopped, revealed how the Americans have amazingly aged rapidly since the Obama presidency. The author pointed out that the acceleration in the aging process of Americans was brought about by the poor performance of Obama which has “left the country with more pronounced wrinkles and significantly grayer hair”[New12]. The article is evidently exaggerated but there is some truth to it. This satirical news is amusing but it presents the truth that the American economy is stagnant and Americans are not happy about it.
Satirical news must be examined deeper to appreciate its real value. But for now, it gives one enough reason to sit back, relax and enjoy the news from a merrier standpoint.
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