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Cragan and Wright, 1986, Chapter 7, define a group as “a collection of individuals who interact over time, becoming interdependent, developing unique patterns of behavior, and achieving a collective identity.” For effective functioning of the group, it is necessary for the…
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Roles you play
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Roles You Play Identify three roles you play in groups in which you are a member. Describe in detail the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the presence of such roles. Why do you/have you assumed these roles?
Cragan and Wright, 1986, Chapter 7, define a group as “a collection of individuals who interact over time, becoming interdependent, developing unique patterns of behavior, and achieving a collective identity.” For effective functioning of the group, it is necessary for the members of the group to undertake positive task and maintenance roles, so that the objectives of the group are achieved in a pleasant atmosphere, avoiding negative roles that have hidden agendas within them (Cragan & Wright, Chapter 7).
It was decided to form a group of my community members for the purpose of community developing. The first task consisted in eliciting support from the members of the community through their becoming members of this group. A few of us, including myself, were given the task of persuading as many community members as possible to become members, and involve themselves in the activities of planning, implementing, and monitoring of the community development activities. Thus, my first group task was that of INITIATOR-CONTRIBUTOR. This role was assumed by me, because of the motivation and energy that I had for the objectives of the group, and my ability for persuasive communication. This role was effective in drawing many members to the group.
It was not long before a majority of the members of the community had become members of the group, and the forming phase was over. We next had to get down to the storming phase or the phase in which the agenda of group activities would be decided. At this stage my role in the group changed to that of an ELABORATOR. This role was assumed by me as I had the capacity to listen and understand the opinions of the members of the group, and put it to the group clearly, for better understanding in the group. This role was effective in ensuring that every member had a proper voice in the setting of the agenda for the group activities.
Having sorted out the agenda, we next moved on to assigning tasks and roles for the members of the group. This was the most disruptive phase encountered thus far. In this phase I played the role of a GATEKEEPER-EXPEDITER. Every member needed to know the opinions of others, and also have a say in the assigning of roles and tasks, for an amicable way in going about the assigning and acceptance of roles and tasks. I assumed this role because of my listening and communication skills, persuasive nature, and high energy levels. This role of mine ensured that communication between members was maintained during the disharmonious periods, so that tasks and roles for the members were assigned and accepted.
Once tasks and roles were assigned, the group activities started. However, there was severe disharmony and disruption in a short while. Several members took DOMINATOR and BLOCKER roles to the dismay of the group. It was these negative roles played by some members of the group that led to the group being ineffective in achieving the agenda that the group had set for development of the community.
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Cragan, F. John & Wright, W. David. Communication in Small Group Discussions, Chapter 7. Second Edition. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Group. 1986. Read More
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