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Understanding the target market means having an insight on the target market so as to utilize the proper tone, language, narrative stance and other literary…
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Knowing Your Audience & Communication Release
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Running Head: Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release [The of the will appear here]
[The name of the institution will appear here]
[The name of the Professor]
Part I: Writing for Different Types of Audience
For a journalist or any other writer, it is important that they understand the target market intended for the article. Understanding the target market means having an insight on the target market so as to utilize the proper tone, language, narrative stance and other literary devices. (Woods, 2006). If the writer does not understand his target market, he would not be able to communicate effectively with them. Effective communication not just implies sending the message across but also concerns with how the message is received by the audience.
The purpose of journalism is not just to inform but rather to explore different viewpoints and perspectives in order to connect with every kind of audience. In the case of the mining accident, it is clear that the families of the victims would be suffering from acute emotional trauma. They want as much information as they can but are afraid of receiving any devastating information. When writing for the families of victims, the journalist should stick to the pertinent details and should provide as much accurate information as he can. Also the writer should not mention any gory details that would further disturb the families at this time. The tone should be emphatic and the language needs to be simple and clear.
Another kind of audience in the case of the mining accident is the employees that work in the mine. These employees have to be notified since they have a right to know about the accident and are losing confidence in the organization’s safety measures. In this case, the writer should strive for honesty. The facts should be accurately presented and employees should be aware of the reasons behind the accident. They also have to be reassured that accidents happen in most organization s and often even the best safety measures fail. The tone of the message should be neutral and honest. Since the employees are aware of the technical terms, jargons could be used.
Part II: Communication for Family of Trapped Miners
Following a cave-in of the San José copper mine located in northern Chile on August 5, 33 workers have been trapped in the mine. The owner of the mine Minera San Esteban along with the government have immediately opened rescue attempts through drilling holes in the mine, located 300 meters underground. On account of the immediate rescue attempts being installed, it has been expected that the trapped workers will be rescued within the shortest period of time.
In this moment of pain, the President and the entire community of Chile wishes to extend support and sympathy to the family. It is understandable that the families of these 33 workers will be anxious for information and for this reason the President has installed a support team where the family can gain access to direct information by calling 111-999-000.
Communication for Employees
The cave-in of the San-Jose copper mine that occurred on August 5 calls for an immediate action against the company and the owner, Minera San Esteban. Since this accident is not the first of its kind, the President Sebastián Piñera has initiated a dialogue with the owner for a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident. This particular mine had gone through scrutiny for its lack of proper safety measures that have gone unaccounted for till now.
It is the legal right of all workers in Chile to demand proper safety measures to be installed in the organization but workers fail to demand their legal rights. The Employees of the San Jose copper mine should improve on their knowledge on proper safety measures at this time.
Woods, P. (2006) Successful writing for qualitative researchers, New York: Routledge
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