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They are on sea for very long stretch of time. When they come back, they are often paranoid and still maintain their vigilance against civilians. The marine I…
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Marine back from Deployment
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In the contemporary environment of conflict ridden life and violence, life of marine officers is not an easy one. They are on sea for very longstretch of time. When they come back, they are often paranoid and still maintain their vigilance against civilians. The marine I interviewed was a soldier who was on deployment and had spent seven months overseas. He emphatically disagreed with the reasons that were given for his overseas placement. The harsh life and adverse climate is not the only reason for his present paranoid nature. The nature of his job in overseas deployment is totally different to the lives of normal soldier or even that of wartime soldier. Normally, soldiers defend their nations and their people. The great sense of duty and patriotism remains the major driving force for their actions in the field or against known enemy.
The person’s experience in Afghanistan was an eye opener for him. There was only mistrust amongst the people of Afghanistan and general public was suspicious and fearful. The environment of uncertainty was most discouraging and was inclined to foster subtle aggressiveness and simmering violence both amongst the marines and people. This was a dangerous situation where innocent people often used to become the scapegoat and target of army and terrorists both. All during his stay, marine was even wary of the intentions of even the innocent children! The life of marine in overseas deployment, especially in unknown terrain that is strife ridden, is full of risks. Their long absence from home not only makes them homesick but often contributes in developing doubts and distrust in human relationships.
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Marine Back from Deployment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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