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Opinion Editorial (Op Ed article) on: what Kuwaitis don't learn in buiness school and should - Essay Example

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Kuwaiti business schools are terribly failing their graduates. While Kuwaiti business schools pump out hundreds upon hundreds of graduates who are told that through their education they will be able to land…
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Opinion Editorial (Op Ed article) on: what Kuwaitis dont learn in buiness school and should
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Extract of sample "Opinion Editorial (Op Ed article) on: what Kuwaitis don't learn in buiness school and should"

Download file to see previous pages A graduate of these programs will know theoretically how to integrate supply chain management systems with customer relations managements, how to correctly motivate employees under a broad number of academic theorists, and a broad range of other theoretical or academic skills. What these business schools fail to do, however, is provide a broad range of realistic and real world experience. While schools elsewhere spend much of their time forcing students to interact in simulated enterprises and games that simulate real world experience, Kuwaiti schools spend a disproportionate amount of time teaching academic theory with far too little real world experience, making it nigh on impossible for graduates to find jobs. According to Fatma Al-Fahad, a Human Resource representative of Zain Company, “when I have two applications I will choose the CV which demonstrates the most experience in the workplace,” also adding that “ business universities don’t offer much real experience in the field of business that’s why about 60% of their graduator’s job applications rejected.”
Kuwaiti business schools need to provide a better level of real world experience to their graduates admitted Dr. John P. Hayesan instructor at GUST who said ” Great deal of energy and academic search spent in theoretical and very little time spent on how to get results. They can do so in a variety of waysOne of the best is to work with Kuwaiti businesses, which are amongst the richest and most successful in the world, to set up internships for their students. This solution provides a win-win scenario, where businesses get free or cheap work from people who are overly qualified for low pay scales, whilst students are able to get real world experience outside of the classroom, helping them land jobs once they graduate by giving them the ability to demonstrate practical experience in the real world.
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