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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze best practices in such fields: natural environment; social and economic. This research will start with the issue of Natural England calls for water companies to stand firm in commitment to the natural environment…
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Best Practices
1. Natural Environment. Major shift in Natural England benefits the Environment.
Natural England is the British government’s advisor for wildlife and resource maintenance department. This department works for the betterment of the environment, conservation of natural resources and protecting the wildlife of the country. The new initiative helps the country to save the natural resources and to use them in an effective manner. Natural England emphasized the water companies to establish their commitment towards the natural environment. Natural England insisted that the water catchment areas must be managed effectively so that the water management can be carried out without disturbing the wildlife. The existing problems with the water quality can also be resolved. The company felt that this initiative would improve the biodiversity as the water catchment areas will be free from natural calamities like flood. The level of carbon emitted by the natural bodies will also get reduced and this would help in the better carbon management.
Source: Natural England. “Natural England Calls for Water Companies to Stand Firm in
Commitment to Natural Environment.” Natural England. 7 April 2009. Web. 10 March 2011.

2. Social. Chevrolet contributed to youth development and in turn benefits the Society.
After the Columbine shootings in the year 1999, Chevrolet lent a helping hand to the prevent school violence by helping the school children and the youth. The company named the program as Chevy ROCK which reaches out to the kids and youth communities. This program aimed at providing the children with the basic needs and facilities. The company achieved this by diverting the dealer’s contributions and its funds to the youth development programs. This connection with the dealers proved out to be successful as it opened the doors for more opportunities to the unemployed youths. People who were affected by the bombings were also benefited by this program. Chevrolet provided funds to the voluntary organization and the governmental agencies which fight against the school-violence. This program paved the way for the betterment of the lives of several people who strived hard to make the ends meet.

Source: Cone, Carol, Mark.A.Feldman, and Alison. T. De Silva. “Align your Brand With
a Social Cause.” Harvard Business School. 14 July 2003. Web. 3 March 2011.

3. Economic. Facebook acquires Beluga which enabled the company to gain a higher profit margin which enriched the owners.
Mark Zuckenberg, the director of Facebook acquired Beluga which was a growing company that provided text messaging service. Beluga provided its customers with an easier way to send and receive text messages free of cost. This was a great competition to the mobile phone operators. The application used by Beluga lets the customer to send text messages to an individual or a group in a jiffy. In today’s world, where each text message is charged, Facebook’s initiative to acquire Beluga will bring about a huge profit to the company. The internet age and the popularity of Facebook will yield greater benefits to the owner as well as the share holders. This strategy will help them to scale heights, as every service provider charges the customers for the text message application. Facebook’s idea of acquiring a company like Beluga will prove out to be successful.

Source: PRLog. “Facebook acquired Beluga, How Facebook Plans to Bust up the SMS
Profit Cartel”. PRLog Free Press Release. 04 March 2011. Web. 10 March 2011.

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