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Ecology, Sustainability and the Built Environment Name University The relation that sustainability shares with the built environment has enhanced drastically over the years as a consequence of various improvements and innovations in the field of architecture which have occurred in recent years…
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Download file to see previous pages In essence, the principal of sustainability encompasses several significant considerations that are associated with the concept of development as the foundations of this practice aim to work towards the protection of resources for future use. Grierson (2009; p.143) identifies two key objectives of sustainable development which are outlined as the attainment of an enhanced quality of life for all forms of life on Earth and striking a balance between the economic and social activities that are conducted by human beings and the efficient utilization of resources that have been granted by the natural environment. However, the aforementioned definition of sustainable development only represents a fraction of what the notion actually means and what it signifies in relation to the built environment. Indeed, sustainability must be practiced in each and every field to ensure that the planet’s ability to sustain life successfully is prolonged once the protection of natural resources is ensured. Nevertheless, the amalgamation of sustainability in architecture highlights the importance of comprehending the gravity of the situation and exploring areas of observation that require improvement so that the objectives of sustainable development can be achieved. ...
Guy (p.126) understands that sustainable design is not merely a topic which needs to be evaluated or critiqued upon by means of abundant literature; this notion is best supported by the fact that even in today’s day and age the quest for uncovering the ideal solution which dictates the best practice of sustainable architecture has not been uncovered yet. Grierson (2009; p.145-146) expounds upon the challenges which are posed by the development of sustainable design by stating that any initiative which aims to work towards the establishment of sustainable communities should examine the several challenges that could arise as a consequence of this decision so that any difficulties or drawbacks are avoided in the future. The evaluation of sustainable design and development frameworks comprises of descriptions of various construction methods and procedures that are characterized by a high demand for quality which in turn encompasses economic, financial, social and environmental factors (Grierson 2009; p.146). Grierson (2009; p.146) postulates that the sustainability of a building should be calculated on the basis of its life cycle, which fundamentally implies that the quality of all aspects that are associated with the building must be considered to arrive at thorough conclusions. This notion is also evidenced by the research of Head (2006; p.5) who represents a comprehensive urban development framework by specifically taking into account a sustainable approach that is present in the researcher’s case study of Dong Tan Eco-City. The study recommends the adoption of an integrated approach to value through better design by highlighting the factors that are associated with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The capacity for systems to endure for a long time denotes sustainability; for instance, the biological systems like forests and wetlands continued productivity and diversity is a rationale for well-sustained systems. The maintenance potential in the surrounding situations and circumstances denotes human sustainability.
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Even though it may be difficult to precisely put down the meaning of the sustainable communities, there are some of the known qualities worth inclusion in the definition putting into consideration the context in which the word is widely used. According to World Commission on Environment and Development 1987, sustainable development is the kind of development that is capable of achieving the present needs without compromising the future generation’s ability to achieve their own needs.
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There are obvious global challenges related to sustainability which ranges from pollution and climate change to education, poverty, health and human rights thus various jurisdictions, regulations and standards of practice have been set up. The sustainability agenda sees human activities as the part of and dependent upon the natural world.
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