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Are politicians from particular backgrounds or with certain personality types more susceptible to being caught up in a political - Essay Example

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Are Politicians from Particular Backgrounds or with Certain Personality Types More Susceptible to Being Caught Up in a Political Scandal than Others? Total Number of Words: 4,505 Introduction An event can be scandalous given that the piece of news report transgresses some form of moral codes, norms, and values (Thompson, 2000, p…
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Are politicians from particular backgrounds or with certain personality types more susceptible to being caught up in a political
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Download file to see previous pages In general, a good public servant should closely observe and maintain good family values. Therefore, it is the moral duty of each politician to avoid engaging themselves in any form of infidelity scandals (Doherty and Dowling, 2011, p. 753). Aside from illegal use of public funds, other issues that can be exposed to the public include alcohol or substance abuse, administrative corruption, bribery, conflict of interests, eating disorders, financial or family problems, infidelity, psychological, mental, or physical illnesses, sexual misbehaviour, and vote buying (Moran, 2012; Fleming, 2006, p. 77; Haldane, 2004, p. 202). With the CPI score of 17, UK ranked the 17th least corrupt country worldwide (Rogers, 2012). Unfortunately, UK’s CPI score of 17 in 2012 has decreased from its 16th ranking position back in 2011 (Rogers, 2012). Back in 1970s, John Stonehouse who was a Labour Member of Parliament (MP) received 21 charges for conspiracy, fraud, forgery, and theft and was imprisoned for seven (7) years (Bloxham, 2010). A good example of moral conduct violation is sex scandal. Back in 1970s, Jeremy Thorpe who was a leader of the Liberal Party was not only involved in a homosexual scandal with his male lover but was also accused of consipracy (Bloxham, 2010; White, 2010). Recently, John Profumo – the Secretary of State for War in 1963 was engaged in a sexual scandal for having an affair with Christine Keeler (Evans, 2013; Haldane, 2004, pp. 202 – 203). Considering the long-list of political scandals which occurs both in the local government authorities and the British royal families, it makes a lot of sense to ask questions such as whether or not politicians coming from a particular political, family, or social background or those with certain types of personality are more susceptible to being caught up in a political scandal as compared to others. Is there any close relationship between certain political, family, or social background and the risks where in the politicians could get themselves involved in a political scandal? Is there any truth behind the idea that political leadership is hereditary? Are certain types of personality increases the risks wherein a politician would be tempted to engage themselves in illegal and immoral acts? What are the common factors that make politicians engaged themselves in a world-wide political controversy? Political Background in UK In the world of politics, Stokes (2005, p. 2) explained that political jobs are meant only for some people who belong to a particular background. For example, as a common knowledge, politics in UK is based on a unitary democracy which follows the structure of a “constitutional monarchy” (Mannin, 2010, p. 64). Specifically the nature of UK’s political background clearly explains why the English Parliament is composed of the Monarchy, the Lords, and the Commons (Mannin, 2010, p. 63). Based on UK’s current political structure and practices, the Monarch is considered as the leader of the state whereas the Prime Minister of UK is referring to the person-in-charge of the government. In general, the monarchy plays a role in the UK politics. Even though the executive or political role was already removed from the British Sovereign (The British Monarchy, 2014b), the King or Queen are still expected to perform their national duties such as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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