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Internet as the Greatest Transformative Force in Human History - Essay Example

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Arguably, we live in a time of transformation and these transformations are very significant in human history. The internet refers to electronic communication networks that link many host computers all over the world (Kaminow 1997). …
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Internet as the Greatest Transformative Force in Human History
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Download file to see previous pages Undoubtedly, the internet is increasingly one of the irreplaceable means of communication, for instance, it enables individuals to keep in touch and bring different people together, allows arrangement of meetings over the net among others. Therefore, many people argue that the internet has indeed adjusted their way of interaction with others. Most people including children spend their leisure time exploring the internet, download movies, video games among others. Moreover, people do join virtual social network through which they can discuss various aspects of daily life, and develop friendships and interact as if they are living in the real life. Some services provided by the internet such as webcam enable individuals to communication with relatives and friends from a distance. Furthermore, the invention of World Wide Web has impacted positively on the economic activities worldwide. For instance, today, various communicate or send a contract to customers from any part of the world. More so, people are able to send and receive e-mails instantly, and so, internet has enabled the international companies to manage their economic operations without experiencing many challenges. According to Anthony Giddens, the internet is the greatest transformative force in human history, and this paper presents a thoughtful argument supporting Giddens’s claim. ...
The internet can be viewed as a database that is full of information and offers many services making people’s lives easier and cheaper. Back then, people used to travel to places in order to meet people, go to the libraries to do research, but with the development of internet, nearly all information needed are accessible (Groves 2009, 108). Today, many people use the internet for various purposes such as conducting research, sending e-mails among others (Lightman 2002). E-mail enables the user to compose a message and send it to the targeted receiver regardless of the distance (Kaminow 1997). Truly, the internet has transformed various aspects of our lives over the past few years, and it has transformed the whole world into a global village. In the contemporary world, life without the internet is impossible and unimaginable because almost every individual in the world depends on it either directly or indirectly. To start with, internet is very useful to many multinational companies as it enables these multinationals to provide necessary information on different products. More so, today, the internet is the heart of mobile banking and so, banking sector entirely depends on internet. In addition, many educational institutions use the internet for publication of different circulars and posting results, the students use the internet for study purpose. Moreover, individuals are capable of accessing a huge amount of information on any topic through the internet. This makes learning easier and students benefits a lot by using the internet for conducting research and doing their homework. Accordingly, the internet plays a very significant role in research work and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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