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Drama: Romeo and Juliet paper prompts - Essay Example

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The generational conflict between Juliet and her old father is an illustration of the disparity or gap set between the young and the old, as it appears severally in Act 3…
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Drama: Romeo and Juliet paper prompts
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, Lady Capulet does not consider Juliet’s rejection to marry Paris. The nurse also refers to Paris as a good man worth of her hand, hence revealing her fundamental resentment of her youthful charge. Juliet responds to the nurse’s patronizing depiction by shouting, “Ancient damnation!” (3.5.235). The account here acts as both reference to the problems she must address and the Nurse’s age, all that have been developed by a feud rooted in the older generation. It can be thus argued that Romeo and Juliet’s is meant to butt up against their elders’ political mechanizations, a dilemma that has been resonating expressively with teenagers for many generations. Why the naming-function is a significant theme in Romeo and Juliet The performative act of getting married is short of the naming-function till when it is publicly revealed at the conclusion of the play. It serves an important role in the play as it symbolizes many changes in the lives of the lovers. Juliet wonders if she can take Romeo in the outskirts of the networks of Montague and change his name, which is quite difficult as it could mean putting on hold every perpetuation. The theme is a focal one because it shows that other things can change the function, act, and power of a name and therefore introduce new facts in the discursive or physical network that it represents. In the play, Juliet and Romeo penetrate into each other’s networks, inter-weaving them together, and make changes in the flow and shape of both (Beshere, 2009).
How the patriarchal structure of Verona determine Juliet’s social position (and lack of options)
re experienced in Verona, where the father is in control of all actions of the entire family, especially women places Juliet in a very vulnerable position. Juliet’s heart, in her family’s perception is not hers to offer. The regulations and the emphasis of social civility requires terms of conduct of which love’s blind passion cannot comply with. She is faced with religious beliefs that she cannot hold on to because of the deep love she had for Romeo. Why the political and economic realities of Verona were important to an understanding of Romeo and Juliet’s romance Each political and economical institution bring with it some form of obstacles for Romeo and Juliet’s romance. The emphasis placed on honour and loyalty to the kin as well as the economic differences between the two families merge to form a profound conflict between the two, who are forced to rebel against their backgrounds. This makes it possible to see the lovers as a fight between the actions and the responsibilities demanded by both the economic and political scenes and those demanded by the individual private desires (Cawelti, 1977). Comparison between Mercutio and Romeo In the play, the views of love held by these two characters contrast sharply. The character of Romeo tends to suffer from a kind of manic depression. Romeo is in love with his emotions, rapidly enraptured, and effortlessly crushed again on a loving roller coaster of sadness. In contrast, Mercutio is much more level-headed and practical. His views are quick and clear, characterized by clear thought and cautious evaluation. Mercutio views himself as controlling life by actively participating in life situations as contrasted to the subjective acceptance of Romeo and his own reactions. Further, Romeo loves by nighttimes, adding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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