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Identify the most consequential features of 'new media' and assess how and why sociological theory and concepts deal with these - Essay Example

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The most consequential features of “new media”: how and why sociological theory and concepts deal with these features Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date The most consequential features of “new media”: how and why sociological theory and concepts deal with these features Introduction The phrase “new media” is used to explain the ease at which the present-day media has made the access to novel information simple for users…
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Identify the most consequential features of new media and assess how and why sociological theory and concepts deal with these
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Extract of sample "Identify the most consequential features of 'new media' and assess how and why sociological theory and concepts deal with these"

Download file to see previous pages In line with this, this paper aims at recognizing the various features of new media and analyzing the sociological concepts that can be derived from the affirmed features. The linkage of networks, capitalism, virtual relationships, digitalism, selfishness to geographical distances, and cultural identities are the main features of new media whose influence on sociological concepts will be reviewed. The linkage of networks The term “networks” within sociology is used to refer to the different connections between diverse actors, where these connections are driven by new media. Networks, according to Gane & Beer (2008, pp. 30), can be referred to as “dynamic systems that contain infinite creative possibilities, for they bring entities into contact in ways that would previously have been unimaginable.” Platforms are created through interfaces, where various media can be linked and information easily shared by huge numbers of people (Gane & Beer, 2008, pp.7). The sharing of information is easier due to reduced time and cost, and augmented speed of sharing information since there is no environmental supply chain. Gane & Beer (2008, pp. ...
zation and production, to create common new media capable of performing complex tasks that could only be performed using different devices during the analogue period. For example web pages getting merged with T.V channels to come up with a mode of information sharing in which people can get real-life stories in a very short time. Essentially, this means that new media has brought about new ways of representing the world, meaning that even the sociological and cultural meanings ascribed to world phenomenon have changed. Using the social network analysis, according to Gane & Beer (2008, pp. 14) gives an empirical view of the way in which actors operate within networks. Networks are seen as means through which capitalism is advanced in the society, since they allow for the easy flow of capital (Gane & Beer, 2008, pp. 23). Economic role: capitalism In today’s society, a person has to be included on the network in order to be an active participant in social activities. The network society brought about by novel media has stratified the society and brought about new forms of disparities (Webster, 2006, pp. 111). In an ideal world, in information labor, there are classes of people with some termed as “manual workers” whose stringency to technical change renders them unable of acquiring wealth. Informational capitalism distinguishes against the unskilled and uneducated therefore placing them at the lowest level of social classes. This class of people in the words of Castells (2001, pp. 94), is socially punished for failing to invest in intellectual capital. The digital economy typified by the new media has led to labor exploitation of temporary workers (Fish & Srinivasan, 2011, pp. 138). Digitally distributed labor relies on user-distributed content which comes from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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