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Media effects of societies - Research Paper Example

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The Effects of Media on Middle Eastern Societies [Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] [Name of Course] [Date] The Effects of Media on Middle Eastern Societies It is an evident fact that media has played a very imperative role in educating the masses regarding their governmental system…
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Media effects of societies
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Download file to see previous pages As a matter of fact, these operations have proven both positive and negative impact on receivers. In particular, the effects of media or new media (specifically) have put a great impact on Middle Eastern societies in past few years. This paper aims to discuss the effects of media evident in the Middle Eastern Societies with the help of assessment of news media by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman in Manufacturing Consent: the Political Economy of the Mass Media. Many media conservatives have asserted that it is the negative role of media that had inflicted rebellious vibe among the nations in Middle East. As an assertion to counter the aforementioned argument, it was well stated by media practitioners that media has just helped the nations to understand their rights and duties. A news channel, a newspaper, a website or a radio station cannot actually make people to join the protest. There are other factors which are needed to begin a revolution (McPhail, 2011). These counter arguments actually help us understanding the facts and figures. People who have been ignorant about their roles and rights in Egypt and Syria began to understand their roles in the society with the help of media wave. In particular, youth who were involved in using new media get to understand their rights. ...
Mainly social media has allowed the relationship between state and nation to become open. For the western regions of the world, the ease of communication between state and nation is appreciated (Mellor, Rinnawi, Dajani, & Ayish, 2013). On the other hand, in Middle Eastern countries, it is rather considered as a threat to the sovereignty of the state power. Precisely, the regime of governance in Middle Eastern countries is authoritative in nature that does not allow the viewpoints of nation to be considered as significant. The effect of media i.e. is the pace of feedback has rather made it difficult for the authoritative governments of the world to control the flow of information (Mellor, Rinnawi, Dajani, & Ayish, 2013). In addition, the effects of media have been noted as effective in the field of telecommunication. Let alone in the year of 2010, the selling of Smartphones has increased by large in Middle Eastern countries. The subscription of internet utility packages has skyrocketed in Middle Eastern societies. Consequently, telecommunication sector of Middle Easter region has become effective in contributing to the GDP in respective countries (Khaddim, 2013). In return, society is able to put impact on media communication as well. It should be noted that news channels and other mediums broadcast communication that is demanded by the society. If media will not broadcast the demanded content then they will have to bear loss of viewership. Another stakeholder that has been long involved in having impact on media is the advertisers (Ward, 2013). The cost of bringing communication sources to the processing is higher which is actually managed with the amount of money received by advertising campaigns. Other than public and advertisers, it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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