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The Internet is having a negative effect on the quality of social life - Essay Example

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The use of the internet has had several negative effects on different aspects of the society. The following essay discusses the negative effects that the use of the internet has had on education and culture over the years. …
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The Internet is having a negative effect on the quality of social life
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Extract of sample "The Internet is having a negative effect on the quality of social life"

Download file to see previous pages Culture refers to the arts, habits and customs that characterize a society’s way of life. Culture dictates a society’s way of life since it includes the values, behaviors and beliefs that a society considers acceptable. Before the development of the internet, most societies had independent cultures, which safeguarded their morality and ethics. Such encompassed the modes of dressing, religions, dietary and interactions among others. Any of such cultures sought to develop peaceful interaction among members of the society. They thus upheld decency of behavior and set out clear behavioral patterns in every group in the society. In short, most of the cultures developed peaceful societies.
With the advent use of the internet, people have intensified interaction as the internet overcomes the physical and geographical barriers. This implies that people readily traded cultural values by abandoning those they consider retrogressive and adopting those, they consider better. (Nayar, 2010). In this respect, the internet has availed numerous sets of cultural features with negative consequences on the contemporary society. Among such features is the use of violence among the youth. The youth constitute the most active population on the internet. They interact on the numerous platforms especially the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, the internet provides cheaper modes of entertainment through films and video games. Most of such modes of entertainment glorify violence, which often constitute the central theme. The users of the internet adopt most of these qualities thereby opting to violence as the most effective way of solving interpersonal differences. Most people borrow dressing patterns from the internet often copying hose adorned by celebrities and established western designers. The two groups have turned culture into a product, which they manipulate and sell to their esteemed customers. The consumers of such cultural products on the other hand assimilate the products without questioning a feature that has progressively degenerated the societal norms and values of decency and privacy as more people continue to wear revealing clothes which the celebrities and designers claim fashionable. Attire in most societies has thus change and continues to portray sexuality that the celebrities and the designers have established through their increased market researches to sell better. Most clothes that the youth among other internet population wear thus portray sexuality often revealing some of the sexual features of humanity. Some even glorify in nudity. In the glorification of nudity and the conversion of every cultural feature into a commercial product, the internet community has successfully turned sex into commercial product a feature that has increased the infiltration of pornography into most modern day societies. Numerous cultures respected sex and the human nudity terming such as very private and confidential issues. Pornography is not just a social ill but also a criminal offense in most countries. However, producers of such contents prefer the internet since it offers them anonymity thereby perpetuating their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Internet Is Having a Negative Effect on the Quality of Social Life Essay.
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