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Media Artifact - Essay Example

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In the paper “Media Artifact” the author illustrates a media artifact that obeys the theory of Marxist, in the book “Critical Media Studies: An Introduction by Ott and Mack”. The chosen artifact here is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a TV series aired in the United State some times back.  …
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Media Artifact
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Download file to see previous pages Her three years of learning was a revelation to her that high school is hell, after which in the following seasons, she managers to navigate through collage and then in the latter seasons, the narrators portrays her in a manner that she had to face the expected grown up responsibilities. Having illustrated that, it is perfect to understand that this artifact, however long it was, many could followed it up to the last season, hence portraying a sense of interest and expectations (Whedon et al, 2007, p.11).Evidently, the TV series literally narrated the idea of a chosen one. At the age of fifteen, Buffy regardless of her sex was chosen to hunt demons and vampires as well as forces of darkness. She manages to fight the challenges of high school, with the company of Xander and Willow and up to the end of the journey where she manages to save the world. She was expected to stand against all her opponents and fight for her victory and the victory of others. Being a slayer, she understands this tale by heart, and so, despite the fact that she tries so hard to be simply a normal girl, the truth according to the episode is that she cannot escape from her destiny. This media artifact contributes positively to the life of human being, for instance the struggle of Buffy to save the world portrays the hardship people usually go through o acquire their destiny (Hoechsmann, & Poyntz, 2012). Now, having perused through the above media artifact, the pertinent thing is to connect it to the Marxism.’, a theory noted by Mack and Otto in their book titled ‘critical media studies.’ It follows that the book illustrates this theory as a theory and at the same time a political movement and as a social tool motivator (Ott & Mack, 2010). This theory is actually rooted in the idea of society all the way in the history of class struggles. Actually, it is of no offense if the theory is assumed as a theory that literally does not make sense of the entire world via the perspective of materialism of historical grounds. First, the TV ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media Artifact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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