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Project Censored “Sexual Assault of U.S. Military Women” Chemaly, Soraya. Why #pass MJIA? 50 Facts about Sexual Assault in the US Military. 15 November 2013. Web. 27 November 2013. <> McVeigh, Karen…
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Project Censored
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Download file to see previous pages This follows the calls for the respect of human rights and human dignity in the democratic space that U.S dominates. Indeed, U.S being the most democratic nation in the world should ensure that there are no cases of sexual assault in the military and in the society. News of sexual assault of U.S military women is unique since it defines unethical behavior among the disciplined forces, which contravenes the code of conduct for such officers. More so, the story is unique in that there are very few reported cases of sexual assault in the U.S military. With the information presented in the story one can be able to view the democratic levels in U.S based on this context, understand the place of women in the democratic society, and derive the correct measures to avert such a scenario. Furthermore, this information will help us to understand the public health issues, sexuality in men and women, and the extreme violence in women. The story will equip us with knowledge on the dynamics of sexual assault in the military and how more victims are finding confidence in reporting sexual assault cases. Such information will derive knowledge on what motivates victims to report any sexual assault. Notably, upon reporting, victims can lay claims for health effects that may emanate from such sexual attacks. This story will help any victim and the society to understand the remedies for sexual assault in the US military. As such, the story is important as it defines sexuality in men and women and analyzes how victims can access justice and the relevant benefits upon suffering from sexual assault in the US military. It also shows how authorities discriminate women who report sexual assault with a view of accessing justice and getting the relevant claims. As such, we can establish that not having this information can affect citizens who live in a democratic society. Indeed, citizens without this information will not know the incidence and precedence of sexual assault in the US military (Chemaly 1) as a public health issue. The information depicts the level of increase in the number of reported sexual assault cases in the US military. Democratic citizens without this information will also lack enough knowledge on the causes for the increased numbers of reported sexual assault cases (McVeigh 1). This will deny such citizens a chance to devise mechanisms geared towards reducing cases of sexual assault and increase incidences of reported sexual assault cases for purposes of taking the necessary measures. The democratic citizens will equally lack enough knowledge on where to report sexual assault cases in the US military. This jeopardizes the efforts aimed at reducing cases of sexual assault. Moreover, democratic citizens who lack this information will not understand the suffering of the victims and the claims of the advocates groups thus missing the gusto to fight against sexual assault against women in the US military. Furthermore, lack of this information will lower the citizen’s knowledge on the government’s initiatives geared towards encouraging victims to report assaults (Chemaly 1). Indeed, the information also depicts the efforts of the Congress, Senators, former military officers, and victims' groups in reducing cases of sexual assault in the US military (McVeigh 1). Lack of this information will also deny the democratic citizens a chance to know their human rights and benefits attached to the victims ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Project Censored Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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