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Visual Analysis writing assignment - Essay Example

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Visual Analysis: Daughter of the Dancers Visual images speak volumes of messages that they pass to the audience. In most cases, artists use visual images to pass a particular message to the public or the society. As such, it is necessary to analyze visual images in order to understand all the concepts and dynamics of the image pertaining to the message that it passes across and the artistic elements, as well as cultural, social, and historical elements in the image…
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Visual Analysis writing assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Inventory Image of a young girl from the back wearing white cotton skirt, and looking into a circular hole or what appears as a circular window in a dramatically patterned wall. A wide-brimmed hat obscures her head and echoes the shape of the entryway. She is bare feet and stands tentatively on her toes with the right foot overlapping the left one as though she wants to create stairs with her feet. She seems to be investigating something mysterious from inside the tunnel in which her right hand has disappeared into the unseen contents of the void. Intense sunlight is revealed with the distinct shadow cast by the girl’s body on the wall. The girl appears to be searching for an unknown thing, which leaves us investigating the contrast between the fearful unknown and her innocence. Composition One of the evident principle of design in this composition is emphasis whereby the artist pulls our eyes to the void through which the subject seems to be searching for something. ...
The circular shape creates a sense of substance and space particularly positive space taken up by the subject. In addition, shape is also seen in the complex and dramatic pattern of the rectangles and squares of the wall. The surface texture of this image appears rough with black and white value that creates timelessness. Finally, there is repetition particularly of the circular shape, which results into a composition with unity and balance. Visual cues Black and white is the color of this photo, but with various tones. In addition, there is a sharp contrast created by the shadow revealing the photo was taken during intense sunlight. With respect to form, the circular shape of the heart leads the eyes of the audience to peep into the circular tunnel that seem to capture all the attention of this girls as she looks for an unknown inside the circular hole. When it comes to depth, only the foreground is focused, as the background is invisible due to the dramatically patterned old wall that blocks it. However, depth is visible in the circular portal, which appears to go deep inside beyond the wall. Finally, there is little movement with the only one created by the girl struggle to see what is inside or beyond the hole. This minimal, restricted movement creates a sense of fear. Semiotic signs and codes The element of semiotic signs and codes in this photo is the exaggerated big hat, which resonates with the Mexican people. The kind of hat in this photo is particularly used for those who work in plantations perhaps to shield them from intense sun, as well as for some cultural festivities. Along with the long white skirt, these two semiotic signs and codes play a significant role in determining the narrative of this image. Cognitive elements The cognitive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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