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Identity analysis - Essay Example

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8 July 2013 Media Representations of Women and the Feminization of Global Poverty The global appearance of poverty is excessively and disproportionately representative of the woman population…
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Identity analysis
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Download file to see previous pages This is something significant in that the difference is nothing more than just race and colour. Statistics constantly brings in the fact that women are more likely to be poor than men. In fact, women are more susceptible and more exposed to hunger because of the universal subordination and gender discrimination they contend with in education, healthcare, employment, and in controlling resources and political authority. Although violence against women is existent across all economic groups, women who are suffering from poverty experience it more frequently and they have less possessions or means with which to deal with the situation. Poverty among women is a global truth that reveals itself differently from one country to another; nevertheless, the factors and figures in global gender discrimination are blindingly comparable: gender disparities in wages, work-related discrimination, dangerous employment conditions, and uneven necessities in household and childhood care among others. By and large, this social development in terms of gender has aided in the explosion of feminist movement. My case is not only a contention of how Hispanic women are being represented – and just because I am a Mexican – but it is about the subordination of women on the sole basis of gender and how this has caused social stratification and elitism. Rummaging through the vast array of literature, I have found a strong resemblance in Hua Mulan, a fictitious character who made a resounding message throughout the world by proving that women can do what men can do. Hua Mulan disguised herself as a man to be allowed to join the Imperial army in order to protect their community. Hua Mulan then became an icon not just within the context of the text in which she has been storied, but even in various forms of media. Her valiant determination to join the army despite her femininity – she’s short, skinny, and very demure – was an index to the changing roles of women during her time. Women during her time were expected to stay at home as wife or helper and nothing more. For someone who has no background or anything about the character and the film in general, Hua Mulan may appear to express connotations beyond Chinese traditions. Her figure encourages an act to decode the essence of translatability. Today, an increasing proportion of the world’s population suffering from poverty signified women. Women as an object of gender criticism, extreme subordination, and social stratification established the specious ontology of women, which happens to have defined the belief of the kind of society dominated by paternal mentality. This implies a striking reality that the feminization of poverty continues to become a concerning truth. The mainstream media has described women in myriads of way. As aforementioned, these descriptions have formed the false ontology of what is supposed to be the bearer of burden and icon that signified bravery and change. Violence According to various studies, a great majority of women are victims of human trafficking that is manifested in various forms such as prostitution, which is considered to be the most common and widespread form of human trafficking (UNICEF 11). This then contributed to the way women became interpretant of weakness. Worsening of living conditions usually forces children to quit school in order to help the family survive, placing them susceptible to exploitation and violence. For instance, some young girls in Zimbabwe are trading sex in exchange for food for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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