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Public Relations campaign proposal: situation analysis & Appendix - Essay Example

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Situation Analysis The present position of BBBS has been a product of effective business strategies at play. As an international organization, BBBS has always focused on cutting a niche in the market through innovation and proper strategic management. BBBSSCI started in 1973 while BFKS started in 1991…
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Public Relations campaign proposal: situation analysis & Appendix
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Download file to see previous pages Participants are also strongly encouraged to join the organization as a team. Alternatively they can always begin as a team of bowlers. The participants are given various responsibilities in the fundraising operations such as coordination. The primary targeted audience are usually the past participants. The current composition of the audiences includes the sponsors, past participants, community and the community latent public. The major information propagated presently includes informing the audience that BBBS is doing a perfect job by helping kids in the community. In addition, by participating in our programs, the audience help Little Brothers and Sisters in many ways. They will be more confident in their school performance as well as get better with their families. It is estimated that 46% are less likely to begin using illegal drugs while another 27% might be saved from an earlier exposure to alcohol. More importantly, it is expected that 52% will less likely skip school and this will greatly assist them. In this regard, BFKS is a sure way of for many people to get involved in helping the organization. From the SWOT Analysis, it is realised that the event structure of the organization is well planned with efficient working structures. However, it is also seen that much of the strategies in use as well as the internal structure of the organisation is not well organized to facilitate efficient operations. There are myriad opportunities which exist for both marketing and networking and this can be harnessed appropriately. The SWOT analysis further indicates that much of the communications with the target audiences are repeated through various channels. In the present case scenario, external threats are not considered a major priority in the organisation. While the weaknesses might seem many and likely to hamper the success of the organisation, it should be realised that the strengths and opportunities in the organization can yield greater benefits. In this regard, the present situation of the organization is just appropriate to offer the right opportunity for growth. After the secondary research, it is realised that a number of questions still remain unresolved: why participants are not returning to the organization? Why the participants chose to become involved? And how the participants heard about the fundraiser? SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses 1. Average gift size increasing 2. Nationally recognized fundraiser 3. Nationally recognized organization 4. Cause related fundraiser 5. United Way partnership 6. Multiple ways to participate: team captain, team participant, sponsor, donator 7. Messages for support are consistent 1. Lack of demographic information 2. Lack of records from past participants 3. Team recruitment is decreasing 4. Leadership turnover and transition 5. Lack of social media engagement 6. Lack of follow-up surveys 7. Participants are given responsibilities 8. Clear communication needed with participants 9. Inconsistent archives 10. Creating donor fatigue Messages for appeal are not targeted Opportunities (external) Threat (External) 1. Volunteer networks: Bloomington Volunteer network 2. In-kind donations 3. Online donation registration process 4. Social network cites 5. News coverage 6. National organizations’ resources 1. United Way Partnership restrictions 2. Similar fundraising events: IUDM, Susan G Komen Walk for the Cure, Jill Behrman 5k Color Run 3. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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