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Trending curation - Essay Example

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(Name) (Course) (Instructor) (Date) Trending Curation Today’s social media seem s to be taking another twist from text-based ways of communication to use of photos and videos. Facebook and other text-based sites are being replaced by faster and instantaneous sites using photos, commonly known as photo communication…
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Trending curation
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Download file to see previous pages Just like in tweeter, where we have tweets as message sent by people, pins in pinterest are shared images that people can pin on customized boards. Users have freedom to customize their own boards with their preferred categories such as car models, funny photos, or amazing architects just to name a few. The article titled, a guide to the new and fun social media for the starters explain how Pinterest works. Snapchat despite of being around for a year has gained much popularity among the young people where they talk of snapchatting each other. By the end of last year, Snapchat was rated number three among the most popular sites in Itunes free app. Snapchat offers an exciting and interesting way to share images with relatives and friends. The unique feature in snapchat is that the user has the control the amount of time the image can be viewed before it is removed automatically. The article on this link best explains how snapchat operates. Do you think photo communication or social wordless have changed the way we communicate and how? Taking and sharing photos have greatly changed how we used to communicate, for instance, if a person text you wanting to know where you are, one can take a snapchat and share with the person, the photo will explain in precise where you are without additional details. In addition, some people have are shy to talk to people face to face , but social media allows these person to share their moments or thoughts through a simple photo. For instance, one can share a moment of his first-born child across the whole world, where people will congratulation and like the photos of the child electronically (Petrescu 1). How do these social networks ensure that the privacy of individuals is safeguarded? A person can only view your pinterest if invited which is very similar to following in twitter. One is required to register to receive invites or invite the person you know to see your pins. Pinning is a simple process that involves using a pin it button, easily drag and place the pin on the browser extension, click to the photo or image you find exciting and select it, then finally place the pin to the appropriate board with a descriptive text, and the pin is shared. Pins can also be shared via other sites such as Facebook and twitter in order to gain more audience across all networks. In snapchat, the image or photo shared can only be available to a friend for a time ranging from one to ten seconds. Photo captions using snapchat is very easy since it requires the user to tap on the screen or create a doodle. Photo created can be shared with one person or a group a group of persons. Snapchat automatically creates a best friend alternative by identifying the persons you have shared most photos (Petrescu 1). Which do you think are the most common features of photo communicating sites such as instagram and snapchat? Sharing of photos is the main feature of wordless social, where the user can take photos within the customized app or share the already taken photos via the phone camera. All these social sites allow people to share photos to each other such as Facebook, tumbr, and twitter. Photo manipulation is a feature that allows users to modify their photos to their liking, one can add names and funny texts on the photo to make it exciting. Instagram, snapchat, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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