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Generation WTF: This article talks of the challenges and problems that people of ages 20-25 pass through. The authors of this article are very categorical that these adults are always optimistic about a positive future, only to be disappointed later on…
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Download file to see previous pages This figure is the amount of money that young adults seek to earn by the time they reach the age of thirty years. However, they give a much lower figure of 27,000 dollars a year. On this basis therefore, the optimism of people under this age bracket is replaced by signs of sadness, and depression. To correct these misconceptions, the authors denote that these people need to be wise, tenacious and fearless, for them to make an impact in the society. I completely agree with the claims contained the article. In my own opinion, majority of people under this age bracket are not able to fulfill their ambitions because of the structure of the economy, government policies, and fierce competition on the available scarce resources. For example, when these people graduate from their colleges, most organizations want to hire people who are highly experienced. On this basis, these young adults will miss on the opportunity of acquiring the job under consideration. This will force them to look for alternative sources of employment, which do not earn them as much money as they would like to earn. On this basis, these young adults are unable to meet their target of making 75,000 dollars per year before reaching the ages of 30 years. The structure of the economy also plays a great role in affecting the ability of these people to achieve their goals, and thereafter fulfill their ambitions. ...
These people are always optimistic about the future, because of their parents and teachers. Parents usually encourage them on while they are young on the importance of working hard in school, and on the available resources they will enjoy after finishing school. However, their parents do not tell them that these resources are scarce, and there is fierce competition for purposes of accessing these resources. After graduating from school, and realizing that these resources are scarce, that is when these people became sad, and some develop depression. On this basis, I completely agree with the assertions of Whelan (4) that these people are always optimistic, but later on become disappointed because they are unable to achieve their expectations, and goals. The author of this article proposes a solution that these young adults need to be wise, tenacious and fearless. For them to succeed therefore, they should be under the guidance of purposes and hope. Whelan (12) denotes that for these people to be wise, they have to identify what drives them, and in which direction they want to go. These young adults must also identify the meaning behind the choices that they make, and they must portray honesty about their feelings. In my own opinion, wisdom is an important element in an individual’s life. Without wisdom, a person is bound to make wrong choices in life. These wrong choices might lead to the destruction of the person under consideration. In my own opinion therefore, I agree with the assertions that these young adults must review the choices they make, and identify the meaning behind those choices. These will therefore help them to make choices that will help ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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