Why the citizens of Turkey are against the government - Speech or Presentation Example

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Many people believed that Turkey was moving towards better government, a democratic government. One of the fundamental rights of any individual living within a democratic society is the right to peacefully protest. …
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Why the citizens of Turkey are against the government
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Why the Citizens of Turkey Are Against the Government Due Many people believed that Turkey was moving towards better government, a democratic government. One of the fundamental rights of any individual living within a democratic society is the right to peacefully protest. However, when I saw what was happening to the protestors at the unrestrained hands of the police was shocking and tells me that we are not as free as we would like to think. It is hard to believe that it all started over a bunch of trees. Specifically the trees at the Taksim Square in the historic Gezi Park located in central Istanbul was all that was on the minds of the protestors as they made their way to the park on May 28, 2013 ( Franklin 1). It verifies for me that saying one is a democracy does not necessarily mean that you are living in one. I was going to join them. I am young, healthy, concerned citizen who believes that the trees in this historic environment are worth saving; we do not need another shopping center (Ozdil* 1). I was on my way to the park, when I heard something most people would not expect to hear. The police were firing tear gas and employing fire hoses to forcibly remove the protestors (Tibet). They just washed them away like they were nothing. We as people were nothing in the eyes of law enforcement. They were just an inconvenience. This is not how you gain the trust and confidence of those who hope to lead. When law enforcement physically attacks peaceful protestors you know that hopes of a true democracy are still very far away. The next day more protestors came, until they reached, nearly, 1000 people strong. A few days of protest became a week so quickly. Had our Prime Minister, Erdogan, attempted a diplomatic approach or a strategy that acknowledged the people’s concerns he may have been able to diffuse the protest (Kadercan). However, he did none of these things. I did not join the protestors after all; to be honest I was afraid. People were being beaten, detained, and some had died (Watson, and Gul Tuysuz 1). We heard that all of the security cameras in the areas of protest were shut down; there would be no unbiased record of these events. Limited phone usage and internet access made reaching out more difficult. However, the internet is much larger than people realize and many of the protestors were able to post to social networks. They were showing the world the truth of these events. Policemen were even scratching off the names, numbers, and recognizable marks so that they could not be identified later ( Franklin 1). These men and women were treated with excessive disregard and ignorance by their government. A government that was refusing to meet the needs and address the concerns of citizens. It is hard to have faith in “law enforcement.,” peacekeepers, and civil protectors when they will turn to outright public warfare at the slightest sign of protest; even protest to protect a grove of trees. The brave men and women who withstood the violence and continued to protest deserve our support and respect. They stood their ground, first, for the protection to the trees in the park and, secondly, to protest the violence and unwarranted tactics employed by law enforcement. The protest occurred sometime ago. It is what some might call “old news.” But, that day is still present in my mind; for many in Turkey there is no doubt they recall those days (Kadercan). Newspapers tell me that some of the officers involved have been investigated, suspended, or have faced some form of admonishments against them. However that is not enough. There was not only a handful of police; it was all police there that took it upon themselves to put out the fires of protest with swift, aggressive, unethical, and unnecessary forces. It is not enough to be told that you are free, believe that you are free; true freedom does not include potential armed retaliation when we behave in ways that are not agreeable to them. If we do not bring violence why should it ever have been brought against us; all citizens of Turkey share in the pain of that insult to the citizens. Outline Introduction I. Many people believed that Turkey was moving toward better government; a democratic government. II. Explain the shocking strategy of the police. III. To see the even through the eyes of Turkish witness IV. It verifies that calling yourself a democracy does not necessarily mean that you are living in one. Body I. Description of peaceful protest at Gezi Park A. Protecting the trees. B. Police attacked the peaceful protestors 1. Use of tear gas 2. Employed fire hoses. 3. Turned off security cameras 4. Police not identifiable. II. If the government had made an effort they could have made progress with the people. A. Could have diffused protest B. Prime Minister did nothing for his people Conclusion I. It is hard to have faith in “law enforcement,” peacemakers, and civil protectors when they turn to outright public warfare at the slightest sign of protest; even protesting to protect a grove of trees. II. Reiterate thesis A. Democracy is more than just a word. B. People have lost faith in their government. Work Cited Franklin, Oliver. "“We are Clark Kent in the morning and Superman in the evening” Inside Occupy Gezi." GQ Magazine. 6 Jun 2013: 1. Web. 2 Oct. 2013. . Kadercan, Burak. "Turkey’s Gezi Park episode is far from over." Open Democracy. Creative Commons Attribution, 11 Aug 2013. Web. 2 Oct 2013. . Ozdil*, Zihni. "Why the Gezi Park Protests Do Not Herald a Turkish Spring (Yet)." Muftah. 1 June 2013: 1. Web. 2 Oct. 2013. . Tibet, Eda Elif . "Turkey: Gezi Park occupation, civil resistance and democracy." International Center on Nonviolent Conflict . International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, n.d. Web. 2 Oct 2013. . Watson, Ivan, and Gul Tuysuz. "Turkish government guilty of human rights abuses, group says." CNN 2 October 2013, 1. Web. 2 Oct. 2013. . Read More
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