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The comparison of the topic of genocide presented in the two movies about the Holocaust - Research Paper Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: The comparison of genocide as presented in the Diary of Anne Frank and the Pawnbroker Introduction The perception of different people, as well as their understanding of the events of the Holocaust have been greatly influenced by the different media presentations of the events that took place…
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The comparison of the topic of genocide presented in the two movies about the Holocaust
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Extract of sample "The comparison of the topic of genocide presented in the two movies about the Holocaust"

Download file to see previous pages Through this paper, the discussion will present the ways, in which American movies have presented the European event, and more importantly, how the perception of topics like genocide in the holocaust has been altered by the presentations of American film. The two movies are representative of the events of the holocaust, mainly because both deal with the events covered, from a different point of view. Further, previously developed viewpoints about the events of the holocaust have been altered by the release of the different media accounts. It is important to note that the Nazi holocaust is different from the holocaust –which is the media presentation of the holocaust – in the American society. The main issue, in this case, is that some aspects of the events, including the area of genocide have been altered, as a way of safeguarding the interests of the audience. Comparison between the Diary of Anne Frank and the Pawnbroker During the period between the conclusion of the war and the start of the 1960s, the events of the holocaust had no considerable influences on America’s film industry. Similar to the case of other art forms, the theme spurred less interest. The case is evident from the fact that, only a few – and often not successful – books covered the subject. This case could be the result of the view that the events did not warrant artistic exposure, but were those to be left to historians only. In 1956, the first movie on the events of the holocaust was made, by the name of ‘Night and fog’, which also had little influence in America, possibly, because it was done in French. Following the context narrated before, ‘the diary of Anne Frank’ was staged, first as a play in 1956, and later cast as a movie in 1959, which caused major influence in the presentation of the holocaust. The Pawnbroker tries to present a connection between the sufferings of the Jews at camps, to the case of the Afro-Americans suffering at Harlem. The problem with attempting to develop a relationship between the two is that it destroys the historical record of the event. The movie shows the story of a professor who lost the wife and children at detention camps, and is shown as one running a pawnshop at Harlem. The many deaths are a clear representation of the deaths taking place at the death camps, which points to the genocide. Further, the account of the disturbing deaths of the wife and the children, bring to the viewer, a feeling closer to that experienced by the victims of the genocide. The movie goes ahead to expose the viewers, to the highly painful past of the survivor of the genocide, Mr. Sol Nazerman. Emphasis is channeled towards the impact of the past, on the survivor’s present life, which cripples his life in a traumatized manner. Sol’s life portrays the torture suffered by Jews; especially the many deaths taking place there, which were many to the level of warranting the situation to be referred as genocide. Therefore, this movie presents the genocide that took place during the holocaust more representative of the historical event, when compared to the case of the diary of Anne Frank. Through the diary of Anne Frank, the topic of genocide – which was aimed at the Jews – is generalized; in a way that, it is presented not to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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