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[Instructor Name] Case Solutions 1. The action taken by animal rights group is a fully-protected action and the court of law may intervene into this matter only if there are compelling reasons to do it or there is a chance of anarchy that will spread out due to the open expression committed by the animal rights group…
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Explaining how each of the following situations would be resolved by the courts
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Case Solutions The action taken by animal rights group is a fully-protected action and the court of law may intervene into this matter only if there are compelling reasons to do it or there is a chance of anarchy that will spread out due to the open expression committed by the animal rights group. The Time, Place and Manner doctrine of the court would compel the court of law to take reasonable action against the animal rights group but another doctrine of the court, i.e. Public Forum” would encourage the court to take no harsh actions. This is because Public Forum doctrine provides a levy to the animal rights group as they organized their protest on sidewalks and in the parks (McClory). 2. No, the news director is not right because the reporter and news team has not heard the opinion of Assistant Principal Johnson on student’s claim. Since the news team has decided to go on-air with the report, there are chances that either the students or the news team is committing would be seen by the Assistant Principal as slander and thus implying that the speech is partially protected. These types of scenarios are considered to be coming under the heavy regulations by the official authorities as this would damage the reputation of the Assistant Principal and he might file a case against the reporter and the News Director. Moreover, the newspaper has the liability that it communicates correct information and news to the audience without biasness and investigating the whole scenario. The on-airing of the report in prime time show would violate the basic rules of journalism, i.e. to communicate at neutral place and manner so that no one is hurt by the news or the person who is convicted is not humiliated, unless there are solid evidences to prove claims. 3. The care of duty requires a professional to fulfill his professional duties at best and do not present lame excuses for the mistakes he or she makes while performing the duty. In the current scenario, the reporter is punishable by the court as he published the story without even asking Judge Jameson about his opinion or listening to his side of story. It was the duty of the newspaper in general and reporter in particular to complete their investigation of the matter before publishing the story in the newspaper. This act of the newspaper is a slander which would require government or the court to intervene and interrogate the reporter why did he publish the story without investigating the whole matter. Moreover, the Judge would be righteous to question the commitment of the reporter with his or her profession and might put charges of damaging his personal reputation. In this scenario, the reporter will have to compensate financially or morally by asking for public excuse to the judge. Even if he has solid proof against the Judge that he is involved in drug trafficking and child abuse, the reporter should have completed the investigations first. 4. Pica should tell her publisher that she will not replace her ace reporter Ivanna Noe or take her out of the investigation. This is because this act of Pica might de-motivate the reporter or the reporter might hit back on Pica by saying that she actually violated the workplace ethics or the employment contract. If the mayor thinks that the reporter might neutralize the investigation report according to her perception, that he should approach Pica and ask her to follow on the investigation on her own and see if there are unproven or dishonest content going to be published in the investigation report. Another argument that Pica might use in order to support her reporter’s reputation and her involvement in the series is that the if she stops Noe from participating into the series investigation under the pressure of a Government figure, this would be seen as the violation of Freedom of Press. It should b the utmost priority of the journalists that they remain neutral in investigative reports and does not take particular sides or favor any party. Pica should tell her publisher that when the report will be published, the conclusion would be provided keeping in view the facts and figures. Then if the mayor thinks that his personal reputation is being damaged on the basis of weak evidences, he is welcomed to challenge the report and take Pica and Noe to the court of law for resolution. Work Cited McClory, Toni. "The Free Speech Clause." 09 June 2006. 16 September 2013 . Read More
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