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Global analysis of communication media in China - Essay Example

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Global Analysis Of Communication Media In China [Your Name] [University] Communication practice that is deemed to occur through international borders of countries is what is known as global or international communication. This subject falls under the category of communication based studies and deals with topics which include interaction between governments, businesses and people amongst their community at a worldwide level (Kamalipour, 2001)…
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Global analysis of communication media in China
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Download file to see previous pages There is more than one factor which determines the global communication outlook of a country. For a country like China major factors that hamper its global communication issue include, but are not limited to the political and institutional based constraints the country faces, lack of knowledgeable and skillful workforce and major differences in cultural and media traditions in comparison to how they are in the west. At this stage it wouldn’t be wrong to say that China is centrally situated in the global communication setting owing to several issues. The most important of them include the fact that China is, in fact a leading super power, and the world wants to know more and more about it. They are competitive to such an extent that at the current point of time, businesses from all over the world face a threat from the Chinese businesses and hence need to be aware of what is going on there. It has been observed there are various political and institutional constraint in China that block the path of global communication. ...
It must also be mentioned here that there are major differences in how international media anchors operates in comparison to how the Chinese counterparts do and this do. It has also been observed that Chinese officials are to be blamed for their failure to harness the country’s positive image across by using the international media to their benefit. Another major factor which pushes away China from being perfectly open to global communication the country’s media men lack proper interaction with foreign media. Moreover, they are not given proper communication and PR courses and that’s one of the key reasons why they fail to convey the fuller picture of China to the international media. The Chinese media men and bureaucracy also lack knowledge of foreign audience and that also majorly compromises the way their external communication setting. It is advisable that people involved in such places be familiar with international culture and traditions so they understand who they exactly are reporting to and present the country’s image accordingly. The national media model in the country is not a very complicated one. There are government backed broadcasters as well some private media houses in the country who are responsible for serving the Chinese population at home and abroad. It must also be mentioned here that most of the information that comes out on the media is highly susceptible to censor by the Chinese government. Any material that is deemed to be anti-government or which is likely to promote a negative image of the country abroad, even though it may be true, is censored completely and the government takes this very seriously (Golan, Johnson and Wanta, 2010). This can be understood from the fact that the internet giant Google had to shut down its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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