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Communicating Effectively. Public Relations campaign and effectiveness of the communication techniques - Assignment Example

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Communicating Effectively
Identifying and defining the important publics, internal or external, greatly affects the usefulness of the Public Relations campaign and effectiveness of the communication techniques. …
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Communicating Effectively. Public Relations campaign and effectiveness of the communication techniques
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Download file to see previous pages Creating public relations is not just informing and administering the information flow between the college and the publics. In fact, it is a communication chain that involves and engages the targeted publics in building relationships and binding closely with the organization. Developing successful communication disciplines with the publics will lead the organization to achieve its strategic goals (Bland, Theaker, Wragg, 2005, p. 243). The college also has to ensure that publicity and managing public relations is not the same thing. The event can be publicized in various ways on various mediums but public relations will target specific groups using broad strategic communication capabilities of the organization (Bowdin, Allen, O’Toole, Harris, McDonnel, 2006, p. 122).
The students are the customers for the college and they play an important role. Their performance and participation affects the organization’s goals and strategies directly. The students can be reached through various ways of effective communication. The college assembly takes place every week and every student is bound to attend it. The college can announce about the celebration in the assembly where the students are gathered. This is a traditional method of communication but has proven to be effective especially in schools and colleges. The students can also be given formal invitation cards with their names on them. All the students are equally important and it is the college’s duty to ensure every student is invited. Telephone calls can be made to those students who are not present. Telephonic communication is considered an effective communication channel as it supports two way communication (Cornelissen, 2011, p. 56). Announcements would be the most effective to reach the students because students are aware that important announcements are made in assemblies, thus they pay attention. The large number of students can be reached quicker and the message can be conveyed face to face. The invitation cards can be given out to students in order of their roll numbers. The parents and families of the students are the beneficiaries of the services of the organization. They are important groups and must be reached for the celebration. The communication channel to be used for them can be formal letters for invitations. These can be sent through the students to their homes. This is also a traditional method of communication in colleges and schools (L’Etang, 2008, p. 75). Mostly, the parents are accessed through their children. However, nowadays many modern and easy methods of communication allow the college officials to connect directly with the parents without consuming much time. For those students’ parents who are not present, the college must post the invitation cards to their homes. This can be the suitable communication channel as the students know that according to the rules and policies of the college, they must handover the invitations to their parents. Strict actions are taken against those who don’t; hence it is believed that communicating via students is an effective way. The board of directors and investors of the organization should be reached through formal communication methods (Diggs-Brown, 2013, p. 421). The most efficient traditional way is to call for meetings. Annual meetings and emergency meetings are often called up and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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