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Analysis of the Lyrics of Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas - Term Paper Example

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The single “Where is the love?” was released in 2003 as the lead single from their Elephunk album. Upon its release, the single topped charts in thirteen countries across Europe and the US, including in the UK where it remained at number one for seven weeks and went on to be the best-selling single in Britain in 2003…
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Analysis of the Lyrics of Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas
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Download file to see previous pages Hip hop style was mainly popular on the East Coast having been popularized by groups such as The Roots. Given it’s preferences for performing with a live band, the group was mainly considered to be an alternative hip hop group before embracing other musical genres such as RnB, dance and Pop Music exerting a great influence in the music industry in the recent years. Most of their works have had a lot of influence from electronic music which was mainly used on the group’s most recent album, The E.N.D. A bulk of the group’s production is handled by Despite being formed in 1995, the group rose to prominence in 2003 with their critically acclaimed album, Elephunk. This was the group’s third album and which saw them find an international following as well as achieving massive success from the huge album sales. The group has maintained the spotlight ever since then and according to Nielsen SoundScan, the group has the second best sales for downloaded tracks in the US. The single “Where is the love?” was released in 2003 as the lead single from their Elephunk album. Upon its release, the single topped charts in thirteen countries across Europe and the US, including in the UK where it remained at number one for seven weeks and went on to be the best selling single in Britain in 2003. The song “where is the love?” was written by the Black Eyed Peas with significant support from John Fair and Justin Timberlake, who also sun the chorus to the song although he neither appears in the song’s video nor is he acknowledged as a guest artist. Justin Timberlake remained as a “Ghost writer” for the song because his record company did not want this song to interfere with the sales of his album, Justified, that had just been released. He is rumored to have written the chorus of the song after listening to the song via a phone. The idea for the song came to after he had heard so much about negative things in the society such as discrimination, hypocrisy, gang violence, and terrorism. The song has been noted for its social commentary and its positive message, issues with lack in most songs played on the radio these days. The song invites people to critically think about the ills that are happening in the society and urges people to take up more responsibility for their own lives. The lyrics of the song plead for societal healing and speak against misinformation and displaying negative images in the media. “Where is the love?” addresses issues of social injustice and lack of social cohesion in the American society as a result of racism and discrimination. The song insinuates that the cause of all these negativity in the society is a result of a lack of love among people, hence the question Where is the love? Process The song consists of three verses performed by rappers, Taboo and with additional vocals from singer Stacy Ferguson, widely known by her stage name ‘Fergie’. The song’s hook repeats after every verse and is performed by Fergie. The hook is made up of three parts; the first part begins with the lyrics “People killin', people dyin', Children hurt and you hear them cryin', Can you practice what you preach, and would you turn the other cheek.”This part talks about violence that has led to many people dying, children becoming victims and also addresses issues ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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