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The Influence Of Mass Media On Drug Abuse In The Society - Essay Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: The influence of mass media on drug abuse in the society Introduction A majority of the mass media communication channels portray drug abuse as something rewarding thus leading to an increase in the rate of drug abuse in the society (Armstrong 14)…
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The Influence Of Mass Media On Drug Abuse In The Society
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Download file to see previous pages The internet is also a mass media channel that includes e-mails, websites, blogs and social networking sites (Armstrong 34). Mass media messages especially advertisements of entertainment video clips contain drug abuse messages that influence the attitudes of the youth towards consumption of illicit drugs (Primack, Kraemer, Fine and Dalton 27). The teenagers lack the cognitive capabilities to understand the dangers of drug abuse and imitate the lifestyles of entertainment celebrities thus leading to high drug abuse in the society. Thesis statement: the mass media has fuelled drug abuse among teenagers in the society. The influence of mass media in drug abuse among the teenagers cannot be underestimated. The mass media has created a new drug abuse culture among the teenagers Wagner 67). The mass media advertising contains drug abuse messages that create wrong perceptions of prosperity by showing images of drug abusers enjoying material things like luxury cars and expensive jewelry (Primack, Kraemer, Fine and Dalton 35). The mass media has created numerous stereotypes about drug abuse, fashion and violence thus leading to a sensation of drug abuse and sex among teenagers in the United States. ...
The teenagers mainly rely on the mass media for entertainment and connecting with their peers (Wagner 81). Currently, the mass media contains a lot of information, images and audio-video clips that depict drug abuse as something rewarding and cool. Although there is controversial debate surrounding the impact of mass media on drug abuse among the youth, it is true that mass media messages affect the perceptions of youth towards drugs (Primack, Kraemer, Fine and Dalton 19). The mass media is increasingly being used to advertise tobacco related products, alcohol and other prescription drugs. Accordingly, teenagers who smoke tobacco and take alcohol have higher chances of engaging in illicit drug abuse. Cigarette advertising messages glamorize smokers and smoking through depicting the smokers as young, cool, adventurous, independent and healthy (Primack, Kraemer, Fine and Dalton 31). Accordingly, teen-oriented television programs and magazines have tobacco-related advertising that contains images that are tailor-made in order to appeal to the youths. The audio-clips use images that show young people as fun-loving and enjoying consumption of illicit drugs. The internet is contains massive videos and messages related to drug abuse and often portray positive consequences of drug abuse and desirable attributes like feelings of relaxation or greatness (Primack, Kraemer, Fine and Dalton 12). Some of the factors that expose teenagers to unrestricted drug related advertising and violent movies that contain images of drug abuse include poor parenting, aggressive tobacco related advertising and peer pressure (Brown, Steele and Walsh-Childers 44). A majority of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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