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Short Research Paper on Audiences - Essay Example

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SHORT RESEARCH PAPER ON AUDIENCES: INTERVIEW-BASED RESEARCH Institution Date Research Introduction and Background The understandings on the manner in which audiences interact with media have over years been the preserve of researchers and communication thinkers…
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Short Research Paper on Audiences
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Download file to see previous pages Modern approaches have holistically incorporated cultural and social aspects that were undermined by conventional approaches of engaging audience in media. Modern approaches have therefore proved to be very essential in ensuring that, audiences are fully engaged in media discussion and operations. Despite incorporating audiences’ cultural and social beliefs and perceptions, modern approaches have as well ensured that, audiences enjoy their participation in media dialogues and discussions. Moreover, present media services have instituted consistent and reliable means of ensuring that, audiences respond promptly to media activities and engagements. It is factual to conclude that, to a great extent, modern engagement approaches have significantly helped in enhancing audiences’ satisfaction with media services. The subsequent small-scale audience research project will be essential in enriching the understanding of modern audience approaches of enhancing media engagement with audience Research Question How does audiences approaches use, enjoy, respond, and engages with media? Research Statement Various media have in the recent decade been a very essential social instrument that facilitates harmonious interaction in modern society. Apart from informing community members on modern happenings and development, media have as well served as an exceptionally essential tool for educating community members. Moreover, researchers have rated media as one of the most critical players in enhancing social, political, and economic development. To enhance their efficiency in service delivery, modern media have instituted various mechanisms and plans of ensuring that, audiences are fully engaged in media services. Although researchers have identified various strategies of enhancing effective interaction between audiences and media, some approaches are especially essential in enhancing effective media customers engagement. The understanding of some of the most essential interaction and engagement approaches is an incredibly vital aspect in improving the quality of services offered by contemporary media institutions. Literature Review Over the years, the issue of the relationship between audiences and media has been a subject of debate among information and communication scholars as well as researchers from other social disciplines. Consistent studies have so far confirmed that, there is need for a firm and reliable mutual interaction between media and audiences. Information that is communicated by media services requires audiences’ contribution in order to realise its potential meaning and value (Treadwell 2011, p. 19). In most instances, some information do not have meaning if its lacks effective involvement of the targeted group. Based on the latest researches findings, modern scholars have highly valued the role and contribution of audiences in attaching meanings to the message that is communicated by media. At the basic level, audiences are very decisive actors in enhancing effective and meaningful communication in mass media. Media constructs and conveys information that is acquired from the various audiences. Audiences in most cases serve as immediate witnesses to some of the incidences that are reported by the media. Without the audiences, media could be inexistence. According to available research findings, to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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