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Individual reflective report. PR as a profession - Assignment Example

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Public Relations Professionalism Name Professor Institution Course Date Integrity and honesty In the practice of public relations, a pubic relations practitioner is expected to abide by some of the principles which are under the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Code…
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Individual reflective report. PR as a profession
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Download file to see previous pages Their role expects them to check constantly the reliability or rather truthfulness and accuracy of any information before releasing it to the public (Robert 2003, p389). This shows that they have the good of the pubic at heart. Releasing of unreliable information would further bring about conflicts and innocent people may come to harm. Thus to be a public relations practitioner, one has top be very accurate and clear in their task as it a lot depends on their efficiency. In addition to the above information, public relations practitioner is also expected to display or rather reveal any information concerning acts of malpractice as well as unprofessional conduct. This is what is required of them when they follow the CIPR principles. Hence one is required to be true to their job description and avoid any wrongful act which would undermine the effectiveness of the CIPR code of conduct. Practitioners are thus called upon to be their own watchdogs as well as of others and are encouraged to bring to light any illegal acts. Misleading clients is taken as a serious offense as it shows lack of professionalism and a sign of poor work ethics (Straughan 2004, p55). More so the code of conduct is broken when one decides wrongly manipulate their position. Due to occurrence of such instances practitioners are thus warned against engaging in such kind of behaviour. It does not show their integrity and honesty. Capacity, capability and competence By being a person with capacity, capability and competence leads to enhanced professionalism and promotion of good work ethics. A practitioner is called upon to display all the three characteristics so as to be effective in their work. Capacity basically entails that one is up to task and they have the required skills to foresee the successful completion of that specific task. Therefore, with reference to this, a public relations practitioner is required to be at full capacity, upright and has clear and innovative thinking which can greatly impact their performance. Being capable is more or less the same as being a person with capacity. A capable person is one who can engage in a task with the correct mindset and hence propel its effective completion. Competence entails one being always on time or rather on schedule and taking their work with the serious that it deserves. Abiding by the CIP code of conduct is covered under competence. A public relations practitioner is expected to know that professional capacity and capability has limitations. An individual cannot have the capacity and capability to tackle any task that they are assigned to. At times they need help from other employees who happen to be more skilled than they are in that specific task. The basic thing is a display of realism whereby the practitioner shows good professionalism by accepting to delegate work to other employees who have the right skills and resources for a specific task. In addition to this, they are also required to promote team work by collaborating with their colleagues so as to foster competition of a certain project. By displaying such characteristics at work, a practitioner would be abiding by the requirements of the CIPR code of conduct. In addition to this, good work ethics is also displayed. Transparency and avoiding conflicts of interest This principle which is under the CPIR code of conduct entails that any practitioner has the responsibility to disclose to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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