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Representation of Gender In the film Ma Vie en Rose - Essay Example

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This film is a gender-bending movie involving a boy who believes he will grow up to be a girl. Therefore, the film mainly is about classification of sexuality and gender, which raises the question whether sexuality is socially constructed or innate. …
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Representation of Gender In the film Ma Vie en Rose
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Download file to see previous pages Gender representation in film takes many forms to the extent of having children portrayed on the films to show the state of confusion that occurs between different genders and the troubles they have to overcome in order to come to terms with their state of being. This is especially for people grappling with issue of identity crisis into which gender they belong and how they should behave and relate to their situations. As such, gender in this text is depicted as a state of conflict and as an entity with which one has to identify and belong devoid of one’s opinion lest it lead to confusion. The film generates a clear image of the troubles people go through and assists them in creating a sense of belonging in relation to assisting them cope with their situations. This is especially so in the case of drawing lines between the different genders and bringing out an expressionist side to the whole issue of gender in film and its relation to real life situations (Greven, 2009). In addition, the film highlights the aspects of the film director in question to draw and form a background from which the reader can build up information in order to evaluate deeper into the film and analyze its different aspect. This is in particular to those topics that relate to gender identity and roles, as well as the different misconceptions that the audience may have in real life situations regarding their state of confusion in gender issues.
w its audience deeper into the pertinent gender issues at hand that pertain to the film in review, as it offers a form of middle ground between the positive and negative aspects of gender issues. This is particularly in providing an opportunity for the viewer to associate his or her own life experiences with the film, this is Evidence to support this lies in the depiction of the opening scene, where the main character, 7-year-old Ludovic, who is a boy walks in dressed fully as a girl (Riding, 1997). The language used to highlight this is devoid of any form of ridicule that would be evident in other films offering opinion on the film and the reversal of gender roles, as well as the state of confusion in the boy’s state of identity in relation to what gender he belongs (Zucker and Bradley, 2005). The further highlight and attention paid to the reaction of adults with a subtle sense of neutrality towards Ludovic by the author shows genuine concern in that a sense of confusion is to be expected and that it is natural. This is especially so with the depiction of the state of seriousness that Ludovic expresses after the adults laugh. This shows a profound sense of confusion in gender roles and who is expected to do what in society, especially when it comes to dress codes and a strict following of social norms. With this in mind, the film’s language does not bear negativity, but instead offers a form of understanding in that film should act as a place through which gender problems in society can be aired. The film goes ahead to indicate that which happens in life, where representation of gender in film is brought out as one in which social norms pertaining to gender must be followed and carried out in every aspect of film. Evidence supporting this can be found in the part ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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