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The Communication Effect on a Family - Essay Example

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This essay presents the overview of the research on how communication affects a family and to what extent by analyzing the five axioms which are used as the basic factors of building a theory that specifically narrows down towards explaining communication and its related functions within a family…
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The Communication Effect on a Family
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Extract of sample "The Communication Effect on a Family"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "The Communication Effect on a Family" analyzes the research on how communication affects a family. The miscommunication is attributed to poor communication or lack of a common language between two people, ideally, this is triggered by the different viewpoints of speaking held by specific people. Basically, its major area of concern is the larger sense of community and indeed the whole human system in general. According to interaction view, each and every behavior is considered to be a way of communication thus it is totally impossible to evade communication. Communication can be perceived to be avoided but the use of non-verbal communication is one way of passing information. Silence is usually attributed to some issues which are considered to be completely beyond our reach or control thus rendering the idea of no communication to be totally impossible. For instance, I am a Chinese student studying in America but it would be impossible not to communicate to my family back in China. Basically, every form of communication is made up of specific content with regard to the relationship between the two parties involved. Generally, all communications contain specific meaning as per the words used and to the person, the information is intended to be delivered to. On the other hand, the information is based on how the sender or the speaker intends for his or her information to be perceived by the receiver. For instance, I always prefer to communicate with my family using Skype. not because I can not reach them through an ordinary phone but it’s due to the general perception of how the content of information I intend to deliver to them is perceived, ideally the relationship we have is the core factor of why the best method of communication is preferred between me and my parents therefore the viability of how and what the communicator said lies in the ability of one to interpret both the verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication. Metacommunication is generally regarded to be the core relational aspect of any interaction between two or more people. Punctuation also plays a critical role in determining the nature of relationship between the sender and the recipient of a certain massage. Both the sender and recipient of information behave in a different manner during the entire process of communication however these forms of behaviors are attributed to their partner’s reactions, ideally there is the feeling from both sides of partners with each side believing that the other partner is the main reason behind the strange behavior. There is need of punctuating the whole communication thus terming one part of it as the cause while the other part is referred to as the main response. There are several instances that occur in line with other subsequent events, basically this implies that when one event happens then most definitely it would trigger the other adjacent event to follow suit. This case applies to me when I do not talk or communicate to my family back in china through the Skype then most definitely I will be depressed or have quilt feelings of breaking down communication to people who are so dear to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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