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Communication Technologies That Will Change Our Lives by Graham T. T. Molitor and Technology and Social Change: The Effects on Family and Community, by Dr. J. A. English-Lueck - Essay Example

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In the opinion of Molitor (2003), digital communications are capable of handling “vast and growing range of activities” (p. 1), thus making the lives of people easier. Thus,…
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Communication Technologies That Will Change Our Lives by Graham T. T. Molitor and Technology and Social Change: The Effects on Family and Community, by Dr. J. A. English-Lueck
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"Communication Technologies That Will Change Our Lives by Graham T. T. Molitor and Technology and Social Change: The Effects on Family and Community, by Dr. J. A. English-Lueck"

Download file to see previous pages First of all, the scholar claims that the availability of technology has made work places international in nature. As a result, people remain in touch with their work “at midnight and at dawn” (p. 2). In the example provided by English-Lueck (1998), the manager uses emails and voice mails for effective functioning but these things make him think “about his work problems constantly, in his garden, and in his car” (p. 2). In addition, he continues talking about his work with his family all the time. Thus, the first negative impact as pointed out by English-Lueck is clear; though technology made works easier, faster, and more convenient, it also made the lives of people busier and more stressful.
Molitor (2003) points out in an optimistic way that technology has made it easier to stay in contact with the loved ones who live in far-off places (p. 10). Hinting at the negative effects, English-Lueck (1998) points out that “the only time they have been physically together in several weeks is for the anthropologist’s visit to their home” (p. 2). Admittedly, English-Lueck acknowledges the independence offered by modern technology as staying “in contact” while living away from other family members has become easier. However, the scholar also claims that living together has ceased to exist as an essential feature of family life as a result of technology.
Another vital point from English-Lueck is that families have started using technology as a way to maintain themselves and to remodel themselves. To illustrate, the scholar points out that families “create network of connectedness” (English-Lueck, 1998, p. 5). As a result, one is in constant contact with ones distant kin as is with the immediate family. Thus, “parental and gender roles” are often subject to change (English-Lueck, 1998, p. 6).
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