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‘How to Spend it’ Magazine- Describing the Design Style of the Publication Name Institution Date It goes without saying that when designing a magazine publication, it is important to put yourself in the reader’s position. Imagine the contents of the publication in the magazine you intend to write from this point of view…
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Download file to see previous pages Garfield Simon (2010), states that topography is the use of design with type with the aim of communicating a message (p. 45). This is usually achieved through the use of a computer to design publications. The computer allows one to use various styles and fonts that allows the designer to achieve a more professional and appealing look of the magazine being published. In the publication “How to spend” the design of the magazine has been achieved professional standards of a modern designer. A publication needs to be clear and accessible. It also has to be to connect with its readers. This will allow the reader to scan through the pages to search for something that might intrigue them. The ‘How to Spend it’ magazine has been able to capture most vital designing elements. Contents of the magazine suit the overall objective of the magazine. As the name suggests, the magazine intends to enlighten the reader on how to spend money on most of the important things from clothing to beauty products. In addition, it has managed to show the reader some exciting places that are fun to visit. This is all with the aim of teaching the reader on how to spend his or her money wisely and enjoy life. ...
Use of heading such as ‘digging deeper’ creates as sense of spending it to the last possible coin. Therefore, this matches the intention of the magazine which is to ensure the reader develops a taste for things advertised in the magazine. The ‘How to Spend it’ magazine features other characteristics that are important to the customer. Baines & Haslam (2005) believe that the designer of the magazine shifts from the normal format of designing to the loop format of designing which is very important when designing a publication (pg 45). By deviating from the usual ways of spending ones’ money, he highlights unique ways through which one can try spending. For example, he does not concentrate on the usual items that most people consider relevant and at most times end up buying. Most females will spend their income on items like handbags and designer shoes and such items as is evident by most of them. On the other hand, men will spend on watches and expensive clothes. However, the design of the magazine seems to avoid what is normal for most people and introduces new ways one can spend his or her money. Rather than concentrating on handbags and designer wear including ornaments, he majors on travelling and engaging in activities that require money such as mountain climbing and skiing. This strategy makes the reader to consider how he or she spends his or her money by trying such unique things as compared to the things he or she has already bought. There is significant use of texts in headings that catch the reader’s attention. The magazine features headings of different sizes and styles. The headings in most parts of the magazine are used appropriately to capture the reader’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PUBLICATION DESIGN Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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