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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze a series of six articles to define the concepts of eating and what was associated with social trends in society. Each of the pieces of data was linked to food and eating from an alternative perspective…
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The concept of food and eating
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Download file to see previous pages The second story was inclusive of the introduction of foreign food into a household, specifically with German and Italian food coming into the household. The food was looked at as innovative and exotic while leading to a feeling of discovery through the types of food which were introduced by family members. The third story was inclusive of a child being introduced to Indian rice and curry and eating this outside of the home. The story shows how trying this shaped the individual’s viewpoint of ethnic foods. The fourth story is an introduction to Chinese food in the UK and how this created a niche market in terms of food and eating habits to those outside of mainstream culture (Then and Now, 2011). The second article is related to the concept of a decade of eating. The article clipping is inclusive of the ideas of innovation in Britain and how these have formed an appreciation of food. There are highlights of the top and most innovative foods from 2001 to 2011 as well as how this relates to agricultural products and changes in what is expected for eating. The data states that there is a radical shift in what people eat, specifically because of the agricultural climate, scares with food and a renaissance in foods from the highlights of culinary arts. The tribute not only comes from changes in agriculture, but also links to the cooking shows and the entertainment sector that has transformed the consumer perspective of good food and the highlights of both morality and high – end cooking that is now in the market (Hayward, 2011). The third article references the problem with obesity and how this relates to eating habits and types of food. The suggestion...
This essay explores the concept of food and eating as one which is not only based on the basic components of recipes and fine dining. There are also links to the social stigma surrounding food and the trends which are associated with food and dining. Examining the various aspects of food and dining also leads into more relationships to the meaning of dining in terms of social trends and relationships as well as how this relates to various alternatives. The food trends and the way in which groups of individuals look at food is one which not only pertains to the main ideology of trends and the best tastes within society. The alterations which are made are also reflective of the health and well – being of individuals as well as how this relates to the different concepts of eating and fine dining. Exploring the various social relationships with food and dining creates suggestions which are linked to the current status of health and how this is associated with the components of health, well – being and perspectives which are related to eating and food issues and implementation. The concept of eating and food is one which many consider an individual choice. It is noted that there are trends and associations with expectations in society at a given time. By analyzing the different articles, the researcher was able to see that there are specific associations with behaviors, attitudes and psychological links to eating habits. The researcher was also able to see that there were specific ideologies that the articles were conveying, such as healthy, cheap and fast eating at home. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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